Danny Books

Date 04/24/2021
Teacher Galdys, Lauren
School Port Salerno Elementary
Grade 1st Grade
Subject Reading

My goal is to get each of my students on grade level in reading. Currently, I am the support facilatation classroom, which mean I have students who struggle and need extra support. I will also be teaching struggling students at summer school starting in June. My goal is to use these high interest books to foster the love of reading in students who need extra engagement to learn to read.


Before a title can be included on the Reading Recovery® Approved Book List, the book is independently reviewed and feld-tested by the Reading Recovery® Council of North America. Titles are evaluated on their ability to support a young reader’s strategic development and encourage problem-solving skills. These Mary Ruth Books Danny Series books have all been reviewed and are on the reading recovery list


I have seen the magic that happens when students find that one character they can relate to. Finally those students who did not want to read or thought they would never learn how to read are unable to put down books and are finally sold! I would love to share with donors the progress these books have helped children make!


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