South Fork High School

Class Teacher Adopters  
1 Wherever Most Needed Wherever, Most Needed None
Band Himelberger, Jeremy
  • The Hoffman Family
Career Tech Malizia, Anthony None
Career Tech Ed Anderson, Barbara None
Career Tech Ed Dolan, Donna None
Career Tech Ed Hendrix, Mark None
Career Tech Ed Hickman, Stacy
  • Avian & Exotic Clinic of Palm City / Dr. April
Career Tech Ed Kane, Karen
  • Sound Acoustics, Inc.
Career Tech Ed Schepman, Wendy None
Career Tech Ed Swigler, Debbie None
Career Tech Ed Wood, Nicholas None
Chorus Walentin, Eileen None
ELL Peck, Cheri None
ELL Pelli, Linda None
English Ballard, Kim None
English Benner, Belinda None
English Bryan, Sherilyn None
English Condon, Timothy None
English Ethridge, Debra
  • Avian & Exotic Clinic of Palm City / Dr. April
  • Indian Street Animal Clinic
  • Winger Family
English Falco, Jessica None
English George, Kelly None
English Grant, Cynthia None
English Haskett, Nick None
English Jacobs, Stephenie None
English Keeler, Gail None
English Kobold, Steve None
English McLean, Danica None
English Presto, Shawn None
English Robles, Christina None
English Smith, Teri None
English Thomas Fischer, Erica None
English Warren, Jessica None
ESE Adriel, Robert None
ESE Cooper-Zangara, Shannon None
ESE Davis, Doris None
ESE Dempsey, John None
ESE Flynn, Brian None
ESE Follano, Ashli None
ESE Galdys, Bonnie None
ESE Gebhardt, Julie None
ESE Hansen, Susan None
ESE Hlasnicek, Anne None
ESE Hogg, Robert None
ESE Kirkwood, Cheryl None
ESE Nixon, Jennifer None
ESE Oser, Pam None
ESE Swinehart, Lucinda None
Fine Arts Conrad, Tami
  • Rob & Kim Johnson
  • The Campbell Family
Fine Arts Power, Shelby
  • David & Laurel Power
Fine Arts Schwarz, Ann Marie None
Foreign Language Bowen, Nicole None
Foreign Lanuage Alvayay, Maria Paulina
  • James Willis
Foreign Lanuage Matthews, Lynn None
Foreign Lanuage Resciniti, Karen None
Foreign Lanuage Troisi, Katie None
Guidance Counselor Jordan, Kathleen None
Guidance Counselor Small, Elaine None
Guidance Counselor Whitesell, Amy None
Guidance Counselor Wright, Abby None
Literacy Coach Pool, Monica None
Math Billings, Kristie
  • Croyle Landscaping, Inc.
Math Bryan, Chris None
Math Elliott, Timothy
  • The Welmaker Family
Math Fleeman, Karen None
Math Hardy, Anissa None
Math Henderson, Caelei None
Math Jacobs, Ron None
Math Lavelle, Dennis None
Math Lavelle, Mike None
Math Limber, Jeff None
Math Octovic, Richard None
Math Shaw, Jennifer None
Math Talerico, David None
Math Westover, Pamela None
Math Winningham, Montgomery None
Media Specialist Phillips, Pat None
PE/Health DeStefanis, Richard None
PE/Health Lytton, Jeffrey None
PE/Health Smith, Nicole None
Physical Education Rose, Jared None
ROTC Daly, James None
ROTC Evans, Efrem None
Science Baird, Krystal
  • Kodadek Family
Science Bros, John None
Science Case, Lauren None
Science Gagnon, Ian None
Science Konopelko, Doug None
Science Samfilippo, Kenton None
Science Schumacher, Cynthia
  • The Welmaker Family
Science Shewmaker, Joseph None
Science Stringer, Chad
  • The Holt Family
Science Turull, Marc None
Social Studies Barnard, Richard None
Social Studies Burwell, Teri None
Social Studies Headman, Chad None
Social Studies Johnson, Stephanie None
Social Studies McKindles, Don None
Social Studies Shearer, Amanda None
Social Studies Sohar, Marcia None
Social Studies Southwick, Marilyn None
Social Studies Swager, Tom None
Social Studies Townsend, Jackie None
Social Studies Welch, Donald None
Social Studies Wheeler, Stephanie None
Social Studies Zimmerman, Don None