Jensen Beach High School

Class Teacher Adopters  
1 Wherever Most Needed Most, Needed None
Air Force JROTC Cichocki, LTCOL Stephen None
Art Canada, Tracy None
Art Gorostiaga, Daniel
  • Martin County Fair Asso.
  • The Curry Family
Assistant Principal Kane, Lori None
Assistant Principal Kirsch, Gary None
Assistant Principal Thompson, Jaime None
Band / Music Dougherty, Thomas
  • Borowski Family
Biology Lyons, Sarah
  • Weidman Family
Business Mahieu, Brent
  • Patricia Sciarrino, P.A.
Chinese Luu, Lisa
  • Advanced Technologies Group, Inc.
Digital Design Teacher Conrad, Mark None
Drafting Power, Guy
  • Marcum
  • The Viola Family
English Baxter, Maria None
English Fabrizio, Cheryl
  • The Viola Family
English Line, Annie
  • Advanced Technologies Group, Inc.
  • Anonymous
English Messina, Theresa
  • John & Donna Robinson
  • Terrie and Peter Silcox
English Petersen, Devin None
English Torres, Kelly None
English Vinette, Marianne None
English / Drama McNiel, Dana None
English/Reading Weil, Lisa None
Facilitator McKinney, Laura None
Foreign Lanuage Moore, Heldie
  • Terrie and Peter Silcox
Guidance Fradley, Crystal None
Guidance Silva, Cindy None
Guidance Thiesen, Lisa
  • John & Donna Robinson
Guidance Counselor Ali, Jennifer None
JROTC - Aero Science Johnson, SMSGT Durrell None
Language Arts Bishop, Jennifer None
Language Arts Cason, Dannielle None
Language Arts DeJong, Kristine None
Language Arts Hockensmith, Alyssa None
Language Arts Jayson, Tricia None
Language Arts Neal, Jamie
  • The Curry Family
Literacy Coach Cone, Dana None
Literacy Coach Gucciardo, Mary None
Mainstream Consultant / VE Stone, Terri None
Math Cooke, Corey None
Math Graham, John None
Math Macallister, Kim
  • Anonymous
Math McBee, Mary None
Math McLemore, Pam
  • Advanced Technologies Group, Inc.
  • Terrie and Peter Silcox
Math Muckenfuss, Bernie None
Math Newbigin, Cherie
  • The Curry Family
Math Pigott, Justin
  • Anonymous
  • John & Donna Robinson
Math Raparelli, Raymond None
Math Schlein, Jayclyn None
Math Schreiner, Alyssa None
Math Thompson, Ellie
  • The Viola Family
Media Specialist Fink, Deborah None
Microsoft Academy Caffey, Tim None
Music Paul, Jimmy None
PE McMath, Tom None
PE Miller, Lori None
PE Sawtelle, Mike None
Science Allen, Karen
  • Anonymous
  • DeJohn family
  • John & Donna Robinson
  • The Rhodes Family
  • W & D Allen
Science Bridges, John None
Science Day, Adam
  • DeJohn family
Science Jenkins, Skyler None
Science McLaughlin, Kelly None
Science Pecora, Jessica None
Science Provencher, Giselle
  • Aqua Services
Science Rau, Deborah
  • John & Donna Robinson
Science Robertson, Samantha
  • Advanced Technologies Group, Inc.
  • Law Office of Laws-Scott & Gillespie, PLLC
  • The Peddicords
Science Thurman, Mike
  • Anonymous
  • Terrie and Peter Silcox
  • The Viola Family
Science Weiler-VanderWerf, Nicole
  • Blake Miller/ Water Pointe Realty Group
Science / Engineering Soviero, Rich
  • The Bryan/Innes Family
Sign Language Berger, Jodi
  • Caryn Lones
Social Studies Bros, John None
Social Studies Ferro, Anthony
  • John & Donna Robinson
  • Terrie and Peter Silcox
Social Studies Friedman, Hailey None
Social Studies Gillooly, Sarah None
Social Studies Imhoff, Nathaniel None
Social Studies Lavelle, Nicole
  • Terrie and Peter Silcox
Social Studies Raynor, Samantha
  • The Viola Family
Social Studies Sanchez, Daniel
  • Advanced Technologies Group, Inc.
Social Studies Stewart, Maggie None
Spanish Barquero, Christa None
Spanish Colon, Odell
  • The Rhodes Family
Spanish Colon, Yassir
  • Anonymous
  • Karlee Davis
Spanish Tello, Magdiel None
Support Facilitation/English Arribas, Kristina None
Transition Bittenbender, George None
TV Production Heinz, Hans
  • Anthony and Andrea Von Aldenbruck
VE Romano, Rob None
VE Teacher Anderson, Jeffrey None
VE Teacher Dahn, Conney
  • Dr. Chris Wigley, Jensen Beach Dental
VE Teacher Norman, Jill None
VE Teacher Silva, Sarah None
VE Teacher/Facilitator McGreevy, Jane None
VE Teacher/Facilitator Palmer, Karin None