Music Moves Us

Date 02/25/2021
Teacher Rocha, Marlina
School Port Salerno Elementary
Grade K-5
Subject Art - Visual and Performing Arts

The goal is to expose students to more instruments by having an easier access to moving larger instruments around the classroom.


I am requesting 4 Orff table stands. These rolling tables will allow us to use more of our larger instruments because we will be able to move them back and forth safely. Our classroom space is limited due to social distancing. With these carts we can move instruments when we are ready to play them and put them away for sanitizing.


With these rolling carts students will have access to different large instruments like xylophones. The students are seeking new opportunities to learn instruments and this will be a big help in that process. Orff instruments are helpful for learning pitches, rhythms, melodies, accompaniment, and provide opportunities for literacy enhancement.


Title Amount
Basic Beat BBRTTS Orff Table Stand (4) plus shipping $504.56
Total $504.56

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This project is fully funded.

Program Partners

Rosie Aviles
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Current Funding

$504.56 / $504.56

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  • Arts Council of Martin County