Class Teacher Adopters  
1 Wherever Most Needed Wherever, Most Needed None
5th Grade ELA Hibberd, E. Whitney
  • Annie Kelly Cohen
  • Blaine H. Hibberd, PA, Attorney at Law
  • The Kuney's
5th Grade Math Moyer, Ashley
  • Anonymous
5th Grade Math Young, Heather
  • Anonymous
6th Grade ELA Tate, Janay
  • Anonymous
7th Grade Civics Guzman, Caroline
  • Anonymous
8th Grade Science Hoffman, Richard
  • Anonymous
8th Grade Science Skerven, Kimberly
  • Anonymous
8th Grade US History DeLeon, Jaden
  • Anonymous
Art Monks, Ashley
  • Martin County Fair
Assistant Principal Rynca, Roseanna None
Band Nottage, Tavares None
Curriculum Coach Gullickson, Siddhi None
ELA/Reading Gershman, Melisssa
  • D. C. Enterprises of Florida
  • Anonymous
ESE Berning, Wendy
  • Anonymous
ESE Duane, Christy
  • Toler Farms
ESE Lefebvre, Fran
  • Martin County Special Needs Training, INC.
ESE McKnight, Annita None
ESE Support Facilitation Pierce, Melissa None
ESE Support Facilitator Wilbanks, Susi None
Guidance Ayala-Esslinger, Ivana None
Intervention Problem Solver Coach Montessi, Linda None
Interventionist Smith, Michael None
Literacy Coach Scott, Jacqui None
Math Gine, Lorraine
  • Anonymous
Math Mesorana, Matthew
  • Anonymous
Math Peterson-Daly, Pam
  • Anonymous
Math Terpening, Wilma
  • Anonymous
Math Tiparak-Hayhurst, Matana
  • Anonymous
Media Specialist Parrilli, June
  • Lilas - Your Hobe Sound Book Club Friends
PE Dawedeit, Andrea
  • FoodShop, Inc.
  • Anonymous
Reading Leister, Laura None
Reading/Language Arts Brown, Elizabeth None
Reading/Language Arts Cameron, Kendra None
Reading/Language Arts Macedo, Consuelo None
Reading/Language Arts Racette, Sandra None
Research/Language Arts Petkus, Thandra None
Science Hawotte, Mia None
Science Knapp, Lisa
  • Florence McNett
Science Montes, Leticia None
Science Stanzione, Morgan None
Social Studies Leonard, Olga None
Spanish Hernandez, Miriam None
Speech Pathologist Goldfarb, Monica None
Support Facilitator Riva, Tera
  • Indiantown A/C and Service
  • Mike Crary, Attorney
  • Mow It Down Services, LLC
  • Oughterson, Sundheim & Assoc., P.A.
  • Oughterson, Sundheim & Assoc., P.A.
  • Oughterson, Sundheim & Assoc.PA
  • Tami Karol Insurance Agency
Technology/Business Arana (Fox), Hilary None