Class Teacher Adopters  
1 Wherever Most Needed Wherever, Most Needed None
5th Grade ELA Bridget, Howe None
5th Grade Math Edgley, Megan None
7th Grade Math Fernandez, Jessica None
Art Monks, Ashley None
Band/Critical Thinking/Introduction to Music Nottage, Tavares None
ELA Harrington, Kerriann
  • R and S Harrington
ELA Macedo, Consuelo None
ELA Tate, Janay None
ELA/Intensive Reading Racette, Sandra None
ELA/Reading Gershman, Melissa None
ESE Duane, Christy None
ESE Lefebvre, Fran None
ESE McKnight, Annita None
ESE Support Facilitation Pierce, Melissa None
ESE/Intensive Reading Riva, Tera
  • Tami Karol Insurance Agency
Instructional Support Coach Gullickson, Siddhi None
Int. Reading Leister, Laura None
Intervention Problem Solver Coach Montessi, Linda None
Interventionist Smith, Michael None
Literacy Coach Scott, Jacqui None
Math Gine, Lorraine None
Math Mesorana, Matthew None
Math Peterson-Daly, Pam
  • Indiantown Marina
Math Terpening, Wilma None
Math Tiparak-Hayhurst, Matana None
Math Young, Heather None
Media Specialist/Critical Thinking Parrilli, June None
PE Dawedeit, Andrea None
PE Medina, Michael None
Reading/Language Arts Cameron, Kendra None
Science Montes, Leticia
  • Reich & Mancini, P.A.
Science Morgester, Candice
  • Reich & Mancini, P.A.
Science Patterson, Sara
  • Reich & Mancini, P.A.
Science Skerven, Kimberly
  • Reich & Mancini, P.A.
Science (6th Grade) Lopez, Carrie
  • Reich & Mancini, P.A.
Science Research Farrar, Casi
  • Reich & Mancini, P.A.
Speech Pathologist Goldfarb, Monica None
Technology Brown, Krysten None
US History Palmer, Kendall None
US History & CP DeLeon, Jaden None
World / US History Haddox, Kelley
  • Steve and Jade DiBari
  • Sunshine Roofing, LLC
World History / Critical Thinking Leonard, Olga None