Class Teacher Donors  
1 Wherever Most Needed Wherever, Most Needed None
1st Grade Berton, Debra
  • Jeremy Taylor
  • JT
  • Martha Randall
1st Grade Caponi, Alyssa None
1st Grade DeSouza, David
  • The Grubbs Family
1st Grade Favors, Lauren
  • An Anonymous Donor
  • Jean E Maslinski
  • Julie Irvin
  • Karen and Scott Stevens
  • Karen Stevens
1st Grade Gravley, Noelle
1st Grade Wojno, Kristen
  • The Hartman Family
2nd Grade Centi, Emily
  • John Summers Jr.
2nd Grade Hughes, Tiffany
  • The Horenstein Family- Ella & Jonah
2nd Grade Picciolo, Danielle None
2nd Grade Stanton, Paula None
2nd Grade Thomas, Jennifer
  • An Anonymous Donor
  • Jan and Dan Thomas
  • Janice Thomas
  • Karyn Iffland
  • Kyle Hilliker Services LLC
  • Leslie Smith
  • paul and paula wittmann
  • Paula Wittmann
3rd Grade Hartman, Brittany
  • Advanced Installments
  • The Hackett Family
3rd Grade Miller, Shannon
  • Madison McGurl and Residents of Emerald Lakes
  • The Hartman Family
3rd Grade Pastor, Melissa None
3rd Grade Smith, Kristen None
4th Grade Allen, Nancy
  • B&B Group - Tate Bowden
4th Grade Crosby, Crystal
  • Payne Family
4th Grade East, Taylor
  • Conte Contracting Corporation
  • Education Foundation of Martin County
4th Grade Missimer, Joesy None
5th Grade Bukowski, Joseph None
5th Grade Ehlers, Katie
  • Proctor Construction
5th Grade Wright, Jennifer
  • Kerry Lewis
  • The Ramey Family
Art Gonzalez, Claudia None
Assistant Principal Carroll, Dayna None
EFMC Book Vending Machine at SWE Rhodes, Lisa None
ESE Behavior Tech Baum, Jennifer None
ESE Staffing Specialist Hogg, Sarah None
ESE Teacher Wojno, Brooke None
ESE- VE Brannon, Kimberly
  • Helen Brannon
ESE-ASD Bowman, Jenea
  • Mike & Kathy Drahos
  • Susan & John Lurvey
  • Susan and John Lurvey
  • Susan Lurvey
ESE-ASD Derby, Elissa
  • Ari and Tom Atkins
ESE-ASD Rejent, Sarah
  • Barbara White, EdD
ESE-VE Ames, Nathaniel (Ric) None
Extended Day Weekman, Angela None
Gifted Lambert, JoAnn None
Kindergarten Ausnehmer, Kimberly None
Kindergarten Healey, Amanda None
Kindergarten Lloyd, Jennifer
  • Doing Favors Marine & Heavy Equipment Repair
Kindergarten Torchia, Melissa None
Media Specialist Jordan, Donna
  • Education Foundation of Martin County
Music Harris, Elliott
  • Proctor Construction
Occupation Therapist Mundell, MaryKate None
Physical Education Lee, Christopher
  • Bob & Donna Duncan for Landon Ramey
Principal Michels, Jennifer None
School Counselor Myler, Melissa None
Science Lab Bentz, Nancy None