Class Teacher Adopters  
1 Wherever Most Needed Wherever, Most Needed None
1st Grade Ausnehmer, Kimberly
  • Proctor, Crook, Crowder, Fogal, CPAs
1st Grade Favors, Lauren
  • Julie Prins
  • Mercedes-Benz of Palm Beach - Body Shop
  • Stephanie Favors
1st Grade Hejda, Jennifer
  • Susan D. Carlsen
1st Grade Kunkel, Mary
  • David Bates
1st Grade Remian, Kendra
  • Susan Nelson
1st Grade Ryan, Emily
  • Mead
2nd Grade Hughes, Tiffany
  • Dan & Mona Wiley
  • RE/MAX of Stuart
  • The Shahood Family
  • VALIC Financial Advisors
2nd Grade Martin, Terry
  • Mr Martin
2nd Grade Picciolo, Danielle
  • Hodges Family
2nd Grade Stanton, Paula None
2nd Grade Thomas, Jennifer
  • keith and stacey larson
  • Sentinel Pool and Spa
  • The Coates Family
2nd Grade Wickers, Lisa
  • Mead
3rd Grade Jollie, Shannon
3rd Grade Missimer, Joesy None
3rd Grade Rao, Susan
  • The Rothenberg Family
3rd Grade Reinhold, Christina None
3rd Grade Schoenrock, Kristen None
3rd Grade West, Alison None
4th Grade Balatovis, LizAndrea
  • Eric & Georgia Foster
4th Grade DiMartino, Zina
  • Sally & Murphy Moore
  • Sally and Murphy Moore
4th Grade LaFleur, Danielle None
4th Grade Meyerhofer, Maxine
  • Tracy Tyler
4th Grade Zappia, Maria None
5th Grade Barnett, Savannah None
5th Grade Crosby, Crystal
  • The Shahood Family
5th Grade Francke, James
  • Mead
  • The Francke Family
5th Grade Luyster, Laura
  • Brian Thieme & Val Herring & Ayla
5th Grade Maynard, Lydia None
5th Grade Taricco, Frances None
Art Vosburg, Joni None
Assistant Principal Michels, Jennifer None
ESE - ASD Connelly, Diane
  • ABA Therapy Solutions
ESE - Speech O'Connor, Martine None
ESE - VE Shaw, Maria
  • Molly Magee/Rick Hofer
ESE-ASD Derby, Elissa
  • ABA Therapy Solutions
ESE-ASD Queen, Brittany None
ESE-SF Price, Amanda None
ESE-SF Simon, Donna None
Guidance Freedman, Tisha None
Instructional Coach Anderson, Linzey None
Instructional Coach Bentz, Nancy None
Instructional Coach Ressler, Stephanie None
IPS Coach Careccia, Lisa None
Kindergarten Carannante, Samantha
  • The Isaacson Family
  • The Isaacson Family
Kindergarten Lloyd, Jennifer
  • Grandpa (Lloyd Glover)
  • The Cowserts
  • Anonymous
Kindergarten Pastor, Melissa
  • Amy R. Warren
  • Dave and JoLeeAnn Smith
Kindergarten Read, Nancy
  • Lice Lifters - Palm Beach Gardens
  • Mead
Kindergarten Rohl, Jessica
  • Hodges Family
  • Robert Rohl
  • Sally & Murphy Moore
Kindergarten Torchia, Melissa
  • Christine Dzek
Kindergarten Wyrzykowski, Sarah None
Media Specialist Curchy, Becky None
Music Willoughby, Sue
  • Kathy Mead
  • The Rothenberg Family
Physical Education Lee, Christopher None
Science Holts, Patricia None
Speech Gillespie, Molly None