Class Teacher Adopters  
1 Wherever Most Needed Wherever, Most Needed None
1st Grade Bauduc, Anna None
1st Grade Long, Courtney None
1st Grade Luyster, Laura None
1st Grade Magnano, Jessica
  • Jessica Magnano
  • Jill Willis
  • m/m j morelli
1st Grade Remian, Kendra
  • Susan Nelson
  • Wess & Lisa Yancsurak
1st Grade Retcho, Brittni None
1st Grade Schoenrock, Kristen
  • Midwest Security
1st Grade Wojno, Kristen None
2nd Grade Balatovis, LizAndrea None
2nd Grade Hughes, Tiffany None
2nd Grade Missimer, Joesy
  • Susan Willoughby
2nd Grade Picciolo, Danielle
  • Hodges Family
2nd Grade Rhoads, Cynthia None
2nd Grade Stengel, Lynn
  • Hackett Family
2nd Grade Thomas, Jennifer
  • The Moore Family
  • The Ulevich Family
3rd Grade Allen, Nancy None
3rd Grade Godfrey, Ashley None
3rd Grade Mandeville, Sydney None
3rd Grade Renzi-Gentile, Erica None
3rd Grade Stanton, Paula None
4th Grade Blavatt, Randi None
4th Grade Fitzgerald, Stacy None
4th Grade Meyerhofer, Maxine None
4th Grade Rao, Susan
  • Hodges Family
  • The Coates Family
4th Grade Reinhold, Christina
  • Joel Harlan Mayne II
  • kathleen A mead
  • Oral Facial Surgical Assoc.
5th Grade Andrews, Shaina None
5th Grade Bukowski, Joseph None
5th Grade Crosby, Crystal None
5th Grade Holts, Patricia None
Art Petrino, Catherine None
Assistant Principal Michels, Jennifer None
ESE - ASD Connelly, Diane None
ESE - VE Shaw, Maria
  • Molly Magee and Rick Hofer
ESE-ASD Mafra, Samantha None
ESE-ASD Zarrella, Jennifer
  • R.L. Vaught & Associates
ESE-SF Simon, Donna
  • The Moore Family
Guidance Gerard, Kimberly None
Instructional Coach Bentz, Nancy None
Instructional Coach Ressler, Stephanie None
IPS Coach Careccia, Lisa None
Kindergarten Ausnehmer, Kimberly None
Kindergarten Hyland, Sydney None
Kindergarten Lloyd, Jennifer None
Kindergarten Pastor, Melissa None
Kindergarten Read, Nancy
  • Duncan & Ramey Family
Kindergarten Torchia, Melissa None
Media Specialist Landis, Kate None
Music Destito-Stutt, Audrey
  • Susan Willoughby
Physical Education Lee, Christopher None
Science Burns-Wein, Rebecca None