Hidden Oaks

Hidden Oaks Middle School

2801 SW Martin Highway
Palm City, FL 34990
(772) 219-1655


Jeri Eckler

Hidden Oaks continues to emphasize the utilization of technology in the classroom. Academic emphasis focuses on reading, language arts, math, science and social studies. Student writing and reading are practiced across the curriculum. A positive approach to communicating with the school community is a priority, along with increased community involvement by students and staff. 

Class Teacher Adopters  
1 Wherever Most Needed Wherever, Most Needed None
Architecture and Construction Reid, Bruce None
Art Foglia, Jennifer None
Art Nelson, Melissa None
Assistant Principal Dailey, Michael None
Assistant Principal Hendricks, Greg None
Career Research Nassar, Beth
  • Chases
  • The Olivera Family
Chorus James (Martinkovic), Amy
  • The Olivera Family
Computer Applications Beasley, Robert None
Critical Thinking Montague, Linda None
ELA Bianco, Laura
  • Anonymous
ELA Blackmon-Vitale, Staci None
ELA Davis, Christina None
ELA DeVito, Shari None
ELA Ivins, Theresa None
ELA McCreary, Stephanie
  • the Zhuang's family
ELA Roberts, Valerie
  • Christopher Melly State Farm
ELA Schneider, Debra None
ELA Welchance, Tricia
  • The Olivera Family
ELA/Intensive Read DiSalvo, Alexis
  • Felke Family
Gifted ELA Koeppel, Amy
  • Bee Well pediatrics
  • The Marsh Family
  • The Wycoki Family
Gifted Science Howard, Mike
  • Bee Well Pediatrics
  • The Waters
  • The Wycoki Family
Guidance Counselor (6th Grade) Stipo, Dana None
Guidance Counselor (7th Grade) Aufort, Kiki None
Health McDonald, Bobbi None
IPS Coach Campbell, Charlene
  • The Olivera Family
Math Bogucki, Jean
  • The D'Alessio Family
Math Bosco, Charlene
  • Bee Well Pediatrics
  • The Terrio Group
Math Burton, Brooke
  • The Olivera Family
Math Daniel, Doris
  • The Wycoki Family
Math DeJong-Nugent, Celeste
  • Todd Miller
Math Ely, Marie
  • Anonymous
Math Karam, Rose
  • The Lee's
  • the Zhuang's family
Math Sapp, Brittney
  • The Marsh Family
Math Savett, Erin None
Math/ELA Janasky, Susan None
Media Specialist Capley, Margaret None
Physical Education Smith, Jerry None
Physical Education Smith, Teresita None
Physical Education Thiesen, Michael
  • Kieft Family
  • Montoleone Family
Physical Education Walters, Natalie
  • Chu/Purres Family
  • Macy & Ryan Traill
  • Anonymous
Reading Coach Ciufo, Patience None
School Counselor (8th Grade) Freedman, Tisha
  • Anonymous
Science Brands, Janice None
Science Buddin, Danielle None
Science Hawotte, Mia None
Science Lang, Amy
  • The Olivera Family
Science Maynard, Lydia
  • The Terrio Group
Science McDow, Melania
  • Anonymous
Science Montalbano, Marcie None
Science Wagner, Laura None
Science/Social Studies Gradisher, Stacy
  • the Zhuang's family
Social Studies Boswell, John
  • The Olivera Family
Social Studies Boudreau, Kevin
  • The Paez Family
  • The Wycoki Family
Social Studies Burns, Bev
  • the Zhuang's family
Social Studies Coleman, Kelly
  • The DeCesare Family
Social Studies Grier, K. LaRei None
Social Studies Hutchinson, Dawne None
Social Studies Neff, Stephanie None
Social Studies Zambo, Nicholas
  • 561 Skateboarding
  • Anonymous
Spanish Maness, Olga
  • Jonesy Weiger
  • Anonymous
Speech Hawes, Kathy
  • The Olivera Family
Support Facilitation Daub, Cindy
  • The Olivera Family
Support Facilitation Goodman, Jennifer None
Support Facilitation Schaffer, Cindy
  • The Olivera Family
Support Facilitation Walling (Tobin), Leslie
  • The Olivera Family
Support Facilitator Carreiro, Julie None
Support Facilitator Lunt, Mark
  • The Olivera Family
US History Zicaro, Nick None
VE Baer, Christine None
World History Baker, Maria None