Hope Center For Autism

Class Teacher Donors  
1st Grade Gaucher, Michelle
  • Grandma & Papa Kleinn
  • The Klein's
  • Yvonne Hubert-James
2nd Grade Brancaccio, Yeseniah
  • Claybrook family
  • The Callaham Family
4th and 5th Grade Welker, Sarah
  • Bodhi’s Ohana
4th Grade Pitcher, Katie
  • The Ciaravino Family
4th, 5th and 6th Grade Matonti, Alexis
  • Carter Electric, Inc.
  • Jamie Walter
  • Pools by Greg, Inc.
6-8 Grade Vitale, Staci
  • Riek Family
  • The Gibbs Family
8th Grade Connelly, Diane
  • Tami Karol Insurance Agency
EFMC Book Vending Machine at HOPE Rhodes, Lisa
  • Jayme Golden
K-1 Teacher Suggs, Tracey
  • Karen Keane
  • Smith family
Kindergarten and 1st Grade Hill, Lindsey
  • Brent and Andrea Leslie
  • Keane Family
  • Maronpot Family
Next Step Rzeznik, Natalie
  • Susan Maxwell
Occupational Therapist Tuccillo, Danielle
  • Tami Karol Insurance Agency
PBIS Sweazey, Joanne
  • Susan Maxwell
PE Hassell, Teddy
  • Matt & Stephanie Kelly
PK/K Teacher Cummings-Knutt, Avalon
  • Asha Branker
  • Complete Care Chiropractic & Wellness
  • Johnson Family
Speech Language Pathology Assistant Ambroise, Coralie None
Speech Language Therapist Vinces-Trelles, Augusto
  • Tami Karol Insurance Agency
Speech Therapy Suarez, Katarina
  • Averys Great Grandparents