Hope Center For Autism

Class Teacher Donors  
2nd Grade Connelly, Diane None
3rd Grade O’Neil, Laura None
4th and 5th Grade Welker, Sarah None
4th, 5th and 6th Grade Matonti, Alexis None
5th and 6th Grade Hernandez, Sara None
7th and 8th Grade Pitcher, Katie None
ASD Brancaccio, Yeseniah None
ASD-Pre-K Gaucher, Michelle None
Kindergarten and 1st Grade Hill, Lindsey None
Next Step Rzeznik, Natalie None
Occupational Therapy Spetz, Kim None
PBIS Sweazey, Joanne None
PE Hassell, Teddy None
Pre-K and Kindergarten Cooper, Jodi None
Speech Therapy Spetz, Kim None