Hope Center For Autism

Class Teacher Donors  
2nd Grade Connelly, Diane
  • Elizabeth Boisvert
3rd Grade O’Neil, Laura None
4th and 5th Grade Welker, Sarah
  • Daniel Smith & Family
4th, 5th and 6th Grade Matonti, Alexis
  • Kai's Parents
5th and 6th Grade Hernandez, Sara
  • G Whiz Tech Solutions
7th and 8th Grade Pitcher, Katie
  • John and Bonnie Bartoli (Derek's Uncle and Aunt :)
Kindergarten and 1st Grade Hill, Lindsey
  • Rizzotto Farrier Services
Next Step Rzeznik, Natalie
  • Elizabeth Boisvert
Occupational Therapy Spetz, Kim None
PBIS Sweazey, Joanne
  • Elizabeth Boisvert
PE Hassell, Teddy None
Pre-K and Kindergarten Cooper, Jodi
  • joe and Pat Cooper
  • Kelley Decowski, Realtor
Speech Therapy Spetz, Kim
  • Kelley Decowski, Realtor