Martin County High School

Class Teacher Donors  
1 Wherever Most Needed Wherever, Most Needed None
AFJROTC Todd, Marvin None
Band Cleghorn, Emily
  • Teena & Chett White
Child Development/Reading Herring, Rebecca None
Chinese/Math Fong / Fitzpatrick, Lai "Ginny" None
CTE - Architectural Drafting Academy Moberg, Joshua None
CTE - Auto Collision Technology Academy Kinne, Ryan None
CTE - Auto Maintenance and Light Repair Academy Michels, Thomas None
CTE - Computer Science Juan-Gaspar, Miguel
  • The Rosen Family
CTE - Criminal Justice Academy Lawrynas, Ben
  • John and Wendi Skinner
CTE - Culinary Arts Academy Sesta, Ashley
  • The Rosen Family
CTE - Culinary Arts Academy Southwick, Shaun
  • Garcia Family
  • Law Office of Frank DiGiacomo
  • Melissa Stimmell Walker
  • Nielsen Family
  • Ryan and Diana Cullen
  • Vivian Richkarday
  • Williams Family
CTE - Digital Design Johnson, Bryan
  • An Anonymous Donor
  • An Anonymous Donor
  • Kim Walker-Berner
  • The Griffin Family
CTE - Digital Photography Academy Dervin, Laura
  • Chris Clifford
CTE - Digital Video Technology Sangas, Andrew
  • An Anonymous Donor
  • Johnston Family
  • Kathleen Sangas
  • Kristina Loughery
  • Ted Sangas Painting
CTE - HVAC/R Mehal, Mike None
CTE - Medical Sciences Academy French, Aimee
  • Gozdzialski Family
CTE - Medical Sciences Academy Mercado, Nancy
  • The Caudell Family
CTE - Medical Sciences Academy Sapienza, Maureen None
CTE - Welding Warren, Michael None
Dean Barrett-Baxter, Ucola None
Dean Leon, John None
Debate and Language Arts Losardo, Richard
  • Teena & Chett White
  • The Morey Family
Drama Gardner, Tiffany
  • Jodi Cooper
  • joe-Patty cooper
ELA Biancone, Michael None
ELA Brandenburg, Cathy
  • Karie Baird
  • Lori Steiert Willard
ELA Brock, Kristina None
ELA Haynes, Tammi None
ELA Mulrooney, Maria None
ELA Opanel, Vincent None
ELA Stuvel, Marinka None
ELA Watts, Jessie
  • Brad & Mary Pat Waronicki
ELA Wilt, Alexis None
ELA - English Language Arts Prussing, Jaclyn None
ESE Aronoff, Niki None
ESE Francke, James None
ESE Gabriel, Michelle None
ESE Jacobs, Kelly None
ESE Lejuez, Tatiana None
ESE Williams, Christopher None
ESE Wilson, Cody None
ESE-VE Flanagan, Aileen None
Fine Arts Johnson, Bryan
  • Conchy Joe's Restaurants, Inc.
Fine Arts O'Reilly, Kaylie None
Intervention Specialist Dewayne, Charles None
IPS Coach Careccia, Lizabeth None
IPS Coach Edwards, Judy None
Language Arts Aker, Matthew None
Language Arts Cappella, Courtney
  • 4 Corners Insurance
  • The Rosen Family
Language Arts Crelin, Scott None
Language Arts D'Anieri, Cynthia
  • The Hodder Family
  • The Wycoki Family
Language Arts Foster, Allison None
Language Arts Gardineer, Margaret None
Language Arts Gill, Ciara None
Language Arts Hessler, Don None
Language Arts Knox, Kyle
  • The Rosen Family
Language Arts Losardo, Richard None
Language Arts McVeigh, Vicki None
Language Arts Savela, Dane None
Language Arts Van Der Werff, Melinda None
Language Arts Watral, Margaret None
Language Arts Williams, Jeremy None
Leadership Kenna, Jacqueline None
Marketing Education Lawrynas, Leigh
  • The Ewing Family
Math Appleton, William None
Math Brock, Jared None
Math Buhrow, Nicholas
  • The Hodder Family
  • The Wycoki Family
Math Dennis, Patrick
  • The Rekowski Family
Math Dillon, Helen None
Math Donnelly, John
  • The Rosen Family
Math Hartman, Kimberly None
Math Mero, Rossana None
Math Neri, Joe None
Math Quinones-Rheingold, Sandra None
Math Reese, Shannon None
Math Richards, Jodi None
Math Rohan, Rachel
  • The Griffin Family
Math Watts, Jamie None
Math/AP Physics Tipping, Collin
  • Jeanne Connor-Osborn
  • Osborn Family
  • The Rosen Family
Media Specialist Pike, Leigh Anne None
Physical Education Harris, Rodney None
Physical Education Marchitto, Brian None
Physical Education Padgett, Jeff None
Physical Education Voss, Kaleigh None
School Counselor Ince, Patti
  • The Rosen Family
School Counselor Knob, Sherrie None
School Counselor Laplante, Randall None
School Counselor Newton, Mallissa None
School Counselor Thompson, Claudia None
Science Baptiste, Cheryl Ann None
Science Cundy, Priscilla
  • Bible Study Fellowship Friend
Science Drumm, Natalie
  • Peter Sicoli-Sailfish Insurance Group & Jean Sicoli-Premier Realty Group
  • Shah Family
  • Stringers Tavern & Oyster Bar
Science Fadlallah, Yameen
  • Stringers Tavern & Oyster Bar
Science Fread, Douglas None
Science Gordon, Mitchell
  • J&A
  • The Hodder Family
Science Gribben, Wenda
  • Benedetti Dental Practice
  • Lauri & Elliott Scher
  • Stemle Family
  • The Hodder Family
  • The Wycoki Family
Science Leon, Chanda None
Science Manahan, Katherine
  • The Ewing Family
Science O'Brien, Holly None
Science Parks, Shannon
  • The Rosen Family
Science Rivers, Chandra
  • Benedetti Dental Practice
  • Debra and Satish Shah
Science Unkenholz, Tom
  • Shawn & Emily
  • Your Student Jonathan Mitchell
Social Studies Croy, Kelly
  • Craig Breslauer DPM
  • John and Wendi Skinner
Social Studies Kaczmarek, Michael
  • The Hodder Family
  • The Wycoki Family
Social Studies Kalwa, Kelloryn
  • John and Wendi Skinner
Social Studies Kenna, Jacqueline
  • The Lott Family
Social Studies McKindles, Don None
Social Studies Morin, Christopher None
Social Studies Porcelli, Vanessa
  • Ralph and Barbara Porcelli
Social Studies Povio, Kyle
  • Worth trainor
Social Studies Sawczak, Susan
  • The Hodder Family
Social Studies Silva, Martha None
Social Studies Southwick, Marilyn None
Social Studies Theobald, Matthew None
Social Studies Thompson, Christopher None
Social Studies - US History Lubinski, Kevin None
Spanish Colon, Odell
  • The Rosen Family
Spanish Desimone, Valentina None
Spanish Piza, Tiffany None
Spanish Rybicki, Danica None
Spanish/ASL Ortiz, Marisol
  • Neurology Specialists of the Treasure Coast. Maher family
  • The Hodder Family
VE Boucher, Dorcas None
VE Clynes, Richard None
VE Gracia, Christopher None
VE Hawkins, Brett None
VE Sanchez, Doris None
VE Wilcox, Amy None
Yearbook Prussing, Jaclyn None