Martin County High School

Class Teacher Adopters  
1 Wherever Most Needed Wherever, Most Needed None
Auto Body Kinne, Ryan None
Auto Tech Warren, Michael None
Band Halcoverage, Michael
  • Anonymous
Child Development/Reading Herring, Rebecca None
Chinese/Math Fong / Fitzpatrick, Lai "Ginny" None
Choral Director Thomas, Shane None
Chorus Lowe, Kylie None
Culinary Sesta, Ashley None
Culinary Southwick, Shaun
  • The Klaus Family
Dean Leon, John None
Dean/Teacher Siters, Kelli None
Debate and Language Arts Losardo, Richard
  • Anonymous
Digital Gaspar, Miguel None
Digital Tech Juan-Gaspar, Miguel None
Drafting Moberg, Joshua
  • Lorusso Gianni
Drama Pastore, Emily None
ELL McCoy (Keating), Candice None
English Prussing, Jaclyn None
ESE Aronoff, Niki
  • Conchy Joe's Seafood
ESE Francke, James None
ESE Gabriel (Bormann), Michelle None
ESE Williams, Christopher None
ESE-VE Flanagan, Aileen None
Fine Arts Johnson, Bryan None
Fine Arts Jones, Amanda None
Guidance Counselor Knob, Sherrie None
Guidance Counselor Laplante, Randall None
Health Science Sapienza, Maureen None
Health Science and CNA French, Aimee None
Intervention Specialist Zanfini, Chessa None
IPS Coach Careccia, Lizabeth None
IPS Coach Edwards, Judy None
Language Arts Aker, Matthew None
Language Arts Bartges, Dawnelle
Language Arts Cappella, Courtney None
Language Arts Cooper, John Scott None
Language Arts Crelin, Scott None
Language Arts D'Anieri, Cynthia None
Language Arts Eimann, Emily None
Language Arts Gardineer, Margaret
  • Anonymous
Language Arts Gill (Petros), Ciara None
Language Arts Hessler, Don None
Language Arts Knox, Kyle None
Language Arts Losardo, Richard None
Language Arts Sangas, Andrew None
Language Arts Savela, Dane
  • Conchy Joe's Seafood
Language Arts Schilb, Charlies None
Language Arts Updike, Natalie None
Language Arts Valmyr, Marsha None
Language Arts Van Der Werff, Melinda None
Language Arts Watral, Margaret None
Language Arts Williams, Jeremy None
Leadership Kenna, Jacqueline None
Literacy Coach Arczynski, Shannon None
Marketing Education Lawrynas, Leigh None
Math Appleton, William None
Math Buhrow, Nicholas None
Math Dellaria (Benatuil), Tracey None
Math Dillon, Helen None
Math Hardaway, Tracy None
Math Hartman, Kimberly None
Math Herd-Tesson, Jamie
  • The Klaus Family
  • Anonymous
Math LeClair, Addam None
Math Mero, Rossana None
Math Moran, Eric None
Math Neri, Joe None
Math Rohan, Rachel None
Math Tipping, Collin None
Math Waltersdorff (Carlson), Jessica None
Math Watts, Jamie None
Math Willis, Jacob None
Math Wilson, Cody None
Math Wozny (Aguirre-Arroyo), Erica None
Media Specialist Pike, Leigh Anne
  • The Keene Family
  • Anonymous
PE Voss, Kaleigh None
Photography Dervin, Laura None
Physical Education Kalb, Juan None
Physical Education Padgett, Jeff None
ROTC Joyce, Jason None
ROTC Nordskog, Craig None
Science Baptiste, Cheryl Ann None
Science Brewer, Nell None
Science Bros, Patti None
Science Cundy, Priscilla None
Science Drumm, Natalie
  • The Klaus Family
Science Fread, Douglas None
Science Gribben, Wenda
  • Ampersand Graphics
  • Baird Family
  • grampa pete
Science Hill, David None
Science Komara (Shafer), Mackenzie None
Science Leon, Chanda None
Science Manahan, Katherine None
Science O'Brien, Holly None
Science Parks, Shannon None
Science Price, Ashley None
Science Rivers, Chandra None
Social Studies Croy, Kelly None
Social Studies Garner, Wes (Gerald) None
Social Studies Kalwa, Kelloryn None
Social Studies Kenna, Jacqueline
  • Isabel Laida Rodriguez The Keyes Company
  • Kristy Stark
Social Studies Lawrynas, Ben None
Social Studies Mick, Samuel None
Social Studies Morin, Christopher None
Social Studies Sawczak, Susan
  • The Klaus Family
  • Anonymous
Social Studies Southwick, Marilyn None
Social Studies Steff, Nelissa
  • The Klaus Family
Social Studies Theobald, Matthew None
Social Studies Thompson, Christopher None
Social Studies Whittle, Sam None
Spanish Colon, Yassir
  • The Klaus Family
Spanish Desimone, Valentina None
Spanish Rodriguez, Mirta None
Spanish/ASL Ortiz, Marisol None
TV Production Younglove, Jeff
  • Lively Orthodontics
US History Lubinski, Kevin None
VE Boucher, Dorcas None
VE Clynes, Richard None
VE Gracia, Christopher None
VE Hawkins, Brett None
VE Kettering, Lynn None
VE Maiolini, Glenn None
VE Rogers (Passmore), Paula None
VE Sanchez, Doris None
VE Wilcox, Amy None
World History & Government Alvarez, Cameron None
Yearbook Prussing, Jaclyn None