Martin County High School

Class Teacher Adopters  
1 Wherever Most Needed Wherever, Most Needed None
AJROTC Hartsook, Roddy
  • Hoffman Family
AJROTC Mosby, Col. Eric None
AP Psychology Kenna, Jacqueline
  • The Klaus Family
Assistant Principal McCaughey, Lori None
Assistant Principal Orozco, Guillermo None
Assistant Principal Skinner, Virginia None
Auto Body Kinne, Ryan None
Auto Tech Warren, Michael None
Bilingual Specialist Pinzon-Valenti, Gloria None
Career Tech Lawrynas, Leigh
  • Social Booth Company
Career Tech Nance, Steven None
Career Tech Sapienza, Maureen None
Career Tech Sesta, Ashley None
Child Development Herring, Rebecca None
Chinese/Math Fong / Fitzpatrick, Lai "Ginny" None
Choral Director Thomas, Shane None
Culinary Southwick, Shaun None
Dean Leon, John None
Drafting Moberg, Joshua None
Drama Eckhardt (Wion), Kristal None
ELL Teacher Garcia, Heather
  • VALIC Financial Advisors, Inc.
English Prussing, Jaclyn None
English Zanfini, Chessa
  • Daniel Family
ESE Aronoff, Nikki None
ESE-VE Flanagan, Aileen None
Fine Arts Johnson, Bryan None
Fine Arts Jones, Amanda
  • Francie Black
  • Hoffman Family
  • Marziano Family
  • Patricia Wood
Guidance Counselor Kline, Nicole None
Guidance Counselor Knob, Sherrie None
Guidance Counselor Laplante, Randall None
Health Science French, Aimee None
Language Arts Arczynski, Shannon
  • Seacoast Bank
  • The Brookshire Family
Language Arts Bartges, Dawnelle
  • Moss Family
  • The Charnvitayapong Family
Language Arts Browning (Holling), Laura
  • The Klaus Family
Language Arts Cappella, Courtney None
Language Arts Carbone, Kristin
  • Anonymous
Language Arts D'Anieri, Cynthia None
Language Arts Gardineer, Margaret None
Language Arts Hendricks, Margaret
  • VALIC Financial Advisors, Inc.
Language Arts Hessler, Don
  • The LoSardo family
Language Arts Jiminez-Salazar, Luis None
Language Arts Lints, Angela
  • The Klaus Family
Language Arts Losardo, Richard
  • Robin and Marc Levine
  • The LoSardo family
Language Arts McCoy (Keating), Candace
  • Lilly
  • Anonymous
Language Arts McWilliams, Danielle None
Language Arts Petros, Ciara
  • Robin and Marc Levine
Language Arts Savela, Dane None
Language Arts Sherman, Rachel None
Language Arts Sicoli, Jean
  • Ecosphere Technologies
  • Anonymous
Language Arts Van Der Werff, Melinda None
Language Arts Williams, Christopher None
Leadership Kenna, Jacqueline
  • Kristine Stark
Mainstream Consultant Edwards, Judy
  • Marziano Family
Math Aguirre-Arroyo, Erica None
Math Appleton, William None
Math Benatuil, Tracey None
Math Bond, Katie
  • The Klaus Family
Math Fitzgerald, Janet None
Math Gill, Erik None
Math Glessner, Tony None
Math Herd, Jamie
  • Daniel Family
  • Hoffman Family
  • The Charnvitayapong Family
Math Hurt, Tracy
  • The Klaus Family
Math Kenyon, Chuck None
Math Lankow, Sarah None
Math Mero, Rossana None
Math Siters, Kelli
  • Marziano Family
Math Tipping, Collin None
Math Volz, Kay None
Math West, J. Greg
  • Robin and Marc Levine
Media/AV Korycinski, James None
Music Patrick, James
  • The Proctor Family
PE Voss, Kaleigh None
Photography Hagin, Sharon None
Physical Education Kalb, Juan None
Physical Education Morgan, Skip None
Physical Education Padgett, Jeff
  • Robin and Marc Levine
Science Baptiste, Cheryl Ann None
Science Bros, Patti None
Science Drumm, Natalie
  • Johnson Family
Science Fread, Douglas
  • Daniel Family
Science Gribben, Wenda None
Science Hill, David
  • Marziano Family
Science Leon, Chanda
  • Robin and Marc Levine
Science Manahan, Katherine
  • Hoffman Family
Science O'Brien, Holly None
Science Pantona-Price, Ashley None
Science Poirier, Mitchell
  • The Klaus Family
Science Shafer, Mackenzie None
Social Studies Gutschmidt, Jennifer
  • Hoffman Family
Social Studies Hornberger, Joe None
Social Studies Kane, Coleman
  • Robin and Marc Levine
Social Studies Lawrynas, Ben
  • Hoffman Family
Social Studies Mick, Samuel None
Social Studies Santos, Charles
  • The Charnvitayapong Family
  • The Klaus Family
Social Studies Sawczak, Susan None
Social Studies Southwick, Marilyn None
Social Studies Steff, Nelissa None
Social Studies Theobald, Matthew
  • Social Booth Company - Christi Thompson
Social Studies Whittle, Sam None
Spanish Brewer, Nell
  • Davison Family
Spanish Desimone, Valentina
  • Marziano Family
  • Robin and Marc Levine
Spanish Kelsey, Jaime
  • Brie Darragh
Spanish Norcia, Kimberly
  • The Klaus Family
TV Production Younglove, Jeff
  • the LoSardo family
VE Bormann, Michelle None
VE Boucher, Dorcas None
VE Browning, Justin
  • Martin County Special Needs Training, INC.
VE Clynes, Richard None
VE Gracia, Christopher None
VE Graff, Lauren None
VE Hardaway, Tracy None
VE Hawkins, Brett None
VE Kettering, Lynn None
VE Matchette, Dorie None
VE Passmore, Paula None
VE Pearson, Earlene None
VE Rottman (Gladding), Katherine None
VE Sanchez, Doris
  • Marziano Family
VE Searfoss, David None
VE Wilcox, Amy None
Yearbook Prussing, Jaclyn
  • Susie Fox