Palm City Elementary

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Class Teacher Donors  
1 Wherever Most Needed Wherever, Most Needed None
1st Grade Carman, Kayla None
1st Grade Hagen, Susan None
1st Grade Maguire, Susan None
1st Grade Stewart, Sierra None
1st Grade Walch, Nicole None
2nd Grade Almy, Kristina None
2nd Grade Belowch, Amy None
2nd Grade Naddy, Kaitlyn None
2nd Grade Schoemer (Lanier), Christen None
2nd Grade White, Kathryn None
3rd Grade Carlson, Stephanie None
3rd Grade Halle, Stephanie None
3rd Grade Heaton, Brandi None
3rd Grade Swindler, Heather None
4th Grade Gray, Alexis None
4th Grade Harse, Kimaree None
4th Grade LaBounty, Ariana None
4th Grade Michels, Danielle None
4th Grade - Gifted Hallee, Crystal None
5th Grade Alterman, Hannah None
5th Grade Gardiner, Stephanie None
5th Grade Kelley, Erica None
5th Grade Nissinoff, Wyndi None
5th Grade - Gifted Moore, Amanda None
Art Saum, Martha None
Computer Assistant Mitchell, Julie None
EFMC "For the Love of Reading" Book Vending Machine at PCE Rhodes, Lisa None
ESE Miranda, Cheryl None
ESE Pre-K Teacher Slavinski, Sue Ann None
Extended Day Featherstone, Rachel None
Gifted Enrichment Lambert, JoAnn None
Gifted Enrichment Lefevre, Katie None
Intervention Garcia, Julia None
IPS Coach/Support Facilitator Harrington, Kerriann None
Kindergarten Adams, Shari None
Kindergarten Carbaugh, Lisa None
Kindergarten Krivanek, Chloe None
Kindergarten Noonan, Debra None
Kindergarten Oliveri, Jennifer None
Media Specialist Lindsey, Tara None
Music Cancilla, Monty None
Physical Education Belowch, Todd None
School Counselor Miles, Carolyn None
Science Lab Atkinson, Elizabeth None
VPK Perrucci, Caren None