Palm City

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Class Teacher Donors  
1 Wherever Most Needed Wherever, Most Needed None
1st Grade Jeacoma, Rene
  • Custom Auto Center
  • Preston Esposito
1st Grade Oliveri, Jennifer
  • Elliot Paul & Company Auctions for Lucy Wolowitz
  • Phil & Mirella Daru
1st Grade Sercia (Gore), Kelly
  • Barbara (Gigi) Martel
  • Nana & Grandpa Seely
  • The Zarrella Family
1st Grade Stewart, Sierra
  • LeMay Family
  • The Essenwine family
  • The Hicks Family
  • The Laramie family
2nd Grade Almy, Kristina
  • Access 365 Urgent Care
  • Back in Action Medical Center
  • Gail Mangan
  • Sport Clips Jensen Beach
  • The Hennings Family
2nd Grade Belowch, Amy
  • The Budnick Family
  • The Tesson Family
2nd Grade Davis, Virginia
  • South Florida Title Servcies, Inc,
  • The Cohen Family
  • The Lezza Family
2nd Grade Schoemer (Lanier), Christen
  • Joe and Vicki Davis
  • The Bach family
  • The Sanders Family
2nd Grade Venereo, Idania
  • Kenerson Family
2nd Grade White, Kathryn
  • The Comiskey Family
  • The Harrington Family
3rd Grade Carlson, Stephanie
  • Jeremy Carlson Avant-Garde Design
  • LaVeigne + Trenter
  • The Talbott Family
3rd Grade Dale, Stephanie
  • An Anonymous Donor
  • Dennis J Ashley
  • Law Offices of R. Wayne Richter, PA
  • The Jampol Family
  • The Nelson Family
3rd Grade Heaton, Brandi
  • Sally Roegiers and the Mijoskov family
3rd Grade Swindler, Heather
  • Ilene Goldstein
  • The DeCesare Family
  • The Martinez Family
3rd Grade - Gifted Diapoules, Rita
  • DCL Insurance Partners for Connor Gray
  • Peng Family
  • The Burton Family
  • The Castle Family
  • The Rogers Family
4th Grade Gray, Alexis
  • Elliot Paul & Company Auctions for Cooper Wolowitz
  • HBKS Wealth Advisors
  • Phil and Pat Griffis, Riley's Grandparents
  • The Addeo Family
4th Grade Hallee, Crystal
  • An Anonymous Donor
  • LeMay Family
  • Murray Family
  • The Sanders Family
  • The Vorholz Family
4th Grade Harse, Kimaree
  • Pam and Steve Gilbert
4th Grade McNicholas, Lori
  • Cheryl & Jay Brown
4th Grade Smith, Kiera
  • Besade family
  • Soul Sisters, LLC
  • The Essenwine family
  • The Hennings Family
4th Grade - Gifted Moore, Amanda
  • Law Offices of R. Wayne Richter, PA
  • Paez Family
  • The Budnick Family
  • The Engelke Family
  • The Ghai Family
5th Grade McGraw, Alissa
  • Marando Family
  • Pierpont Family
  • Riverside Montessori, LLC
  • The Williams Family
5th Grade Milidantri (Woodruff), Lisa
  • Joe and Vicki Davis
5th Grade Nissinoff, Wyndi
  • Johnson Family
5th Grade O'Neal, Courtney
  • Dawson Family
  • Elliot Paul &Company Auctions For Ellie Grace Wolowitz
  • The Burton Family
Art Saum, Martha
  • Stemle Family
Assistant Principal Rabener, Lauren None
Computer Lab Rolland, Rhianna None
ESE Miranda, Cheryl
  • Ilene Goldstein
  • Lively Orthodontics
ESE/Pre-K Naumann, Teresa
  • CoastLife Pool & Spa
  • Keane Family
Gifted Enrichment Lambert, JoAnn None
Guidance Counselor Bradley, Katherine
  • The Muto Family
IPS/Support Facilitator Parton, Jamie None
Kindergarten Adams, Shari
  • Doneth Family
  • The Bauer Family
Kindergarten Carbaugh, Lisa
  • The Tesson Family
  • The Vogeleys
Kindergarten Hagen, Susan
  • Francesca Gendreau
  • The Comiskey Family
  • The Paulin Family
Kindergarten Noonan, Debra
  • The Mannix Family
  • The Muto family
  • The Sanders Family
Media Specialist Lindsey, Tara None
Music Cancilla, Monty
  • The Castle Family
  • The Crombie Family
Physical Education Belowch, Todd
  • The Castle Family
  • The Wolowitz kids
Science Lab Atkinson, Elizabeth None
Science/STEM Hallee, Crystal
  • Harvard Jolly, Inc.
VPK Mahler, Leila
  • The Hamlin Family
  • The Talbott Family
VPK Perrucci, Caren
  • Integrity Pools of Stuart