Class Teacher Donors  
1 Wherever Most Needed Wherever, Most Needed None
1st Grade Cowen, Melissa
  • Santos Family
  • Stringers Tavern & Oyster Bar
1st Grade Leadabrand, Caitlyn
  • Conchy Joe's Seafood
1st Grade Mejia, Lisa None
1st Grade Ramgeet, Jermaine None
1st Grade Robertson, Laura None
1st Grade Zavala, Vivian
  • Hahner family
  • Margot Platt
2nd Grade Davis, Lori
  • My Inspection Guys
2nd Grade India, Andrea
  • Amy Kimmel
2nd Grade Kruse, Molly
  • Kathy Kruse
  • Luke Cantor
  • The McGeean Family
2nd Grade Mayorga, Sylvana None
2nd Grade Myrie, Mahalia None
2nd Grade Neal, Laura
  • Nicole Stefanilo
2nd Grade Powell, Christina None
2nd Grade Szala, Kristin None
3rd Grade Armstrong, Alyssa
  • Amanda Shourds
  • Beach Front Realty
  • Dolphin Bar & Shrimp House
  • Lisa Sierra
  • Susan Boeve
  • The Family of Aubree Glandorf
3rd Grade Beers-Cartwright, Vicky
  • Fox McCluskey
3rd Grade Cadieux, Kasey
  • Chastain Family
  • Marlene Rastrelli
  • Stella and Kyra Cadieux
3rd Grade Corlett, Caitlin
  • Thomas Corlett
3rd Grade Lyle, Susan
  • Jordan Ashley and Steven Finareli
  • Juliet Ashley
3rd Grade McArdle, Holly
  • The Hannon Family
3rd Grade McGowan, Amanda None
4th Grade Flenniken, Tracy
  • McArdle family
4th Grade Johns, Chelsea None
4th Grade Lacey, Lauren
  • Santos Family
4th Grade Milo, Jordan None
4th Grade Thompson, Kayanna
  • Gina Olson
4th Grade Zelaya, Alexa None
5th Grade Acosta, Richard
  • Cormier Family
  • Richellene Bonaccorso
  • Santos Family
5th Grade Nisa, Jackie
  • Chris & Angeline
  • grammie
  • Krissy Propst
  • Waddill
5th Grade Palmer-Pizzi, Jayna
  • Cormier Family
  • Education Foundation of Martin County
  • Richellene Bonaccorso
  • Santos Family
5th Grade Warner, Courtney
  • Russ and Michele Waddill
Art Hochstetter, Traci None
Assistant Principal Morris, Patty None
EFMC Book Vending Machine at PWE Rhodes, Lisa None
ESE Laymon, Dorie
  • Elia and Rumi Bannister
ESE / Interventionist Malley, Pamela None
ESE Teacher Bennett, Ashley None
Extended Day Martin, Lauren None
Gifted Enrichment Florio, Matries None
Instructional Coach Mannion, Maureen None
Interventionist Catapano, Adele
  • Luke Cantor
Interventionist Laing, Gordon None
Interventionist Martin, Julie None
Interventionist Zeblisky, Karen None
IPS Coach - Intervention Problem Solving Raiford, Kelly None
Kindergarten Goshien, Jerri
  • The McGeean Family
Kindergarten Kennedy, Janina
  • Al’s Excavating and Roll-Off
Kindergarten Saxton, Sherri
  • All Area Roofing & Construction
  • Kirchman Construction
  • Luke Cantor
  • The McConnell Family
Kindergarten Towell, Jennifer
  • All Area Roofing & Construction
  • Tami Karol Insurance Agency
Kindergarten Vanderbush, Maragret None
Literacy Coach Martin, Ashley None
Media Specialist Bowser, Nicole
  • Lucy Cantor
MTSS Coach Sportsman, Stephanie None
Music Coder, Lisa
  • Lucy Cantor
Physical Education Craft, Philip None
Resource VE Flanagan, Brenda None
Resource VE Parrish (Podlas), Katie None
School Counselor Rivera, Denise None
Science Heath, Michelle None