Class Teacher Adopters  
1 Wherever Most Needed Wherever, Most Needed None
1st Grade Bickley, Arielle
  • BHG REal Estate Laviano & Associates
1st Grade Cowen, Melissa
  • Todd & Jess Ellison
1st Grade Ebersole, Amanda
  • Bob Pryor
  • The Bruno Family
1st Grade Gouldner, Kristen
  • Mikati Family
1st Grade Kurzmann, Diana None
1st Grade Riley, Kristen
  • The Robinson Family
  • The Wade Family
1st Grade Williams, Vickie None
2nd Grade Arey, Jennifer
  • Mikati Family
  • Restorations by Costikyan
2nd Grade Davis, Lori
  • Kazu Japanese Restaurant
2nd Grade India, Andrea None
2nd Grade Mannion, Maureen
  • BHG Real Estate Laviano & Associates
2nd Grade Podlas, Katie
  • Port Salerno Animal Hospital
2nd Grade Sizemore, Salena None
2nd Grade Swanson, Jamie
  • Abundant Life Birth Center
2nd Grade Tretter, Alyssa
  • The Lindsey Family
3rd Grade Blot, Jennifer
  • Mikati Family
3rd Grade Cullum, Ashley
  • James Q Riordan Jr
  • The Rogers Family
  • The Smith Family
3rd Grade Jilg, April
  • Mikati Family
  • Singh Family
3rd Grade Laing, Gordon
  • James Q Riordan Jr
  • Leslie Adams, Esq.
3rd Grade Martin, Ashley
  • Bonventre Family
  • Tony George
3rd Grade McArdle, Holly
  • Leslie Adams, Esq.
3rd Grade Parrish, Dylan None
3rd Grade Rogers, Beth
  • Caleb Dixon & Mom
4th Grade Brouillet, Sarah
  • Guest, Peavy, Guest CPAs PA
  • The Bruno Family
4th Grade Champion, Stephanie
  • The Montenegro Family
4th Grade Farrell, Danielle
  • Leslie Adams, Esq.
  • Tami Karol Insurance Agency
  • The Latif Family
4th Grade Flenniken, Tracy
4th Grade Lacey, Lauren None
4th Grade Norman, Melora
  • Brooke Holland
5th Grade Conrad, Monica
  • Mega Limoz LLC
5th Grade Jacaruso, Cheryl
  • The de Windt family
5th Grade Martin, Michela None
5th Grade Ryan, Ellise
  • Jessica M. Shay, LLC
  • The Arey Family
5th Grade Stockland, Lindsay None
5th Grade Suralik, Heather
  • The Arey Family
Art Hochstetter, Traci
  • Artistry in Mosaics
  • Mikati Family
Assistant Principal Morris, Patty None
Assistant Principal Smith, Cristina None
ESE Laymon, Dorie None
ESE Olivieri, Angel None
Gifted Nolan, Jollyn
  • Mikati Family
  • Rogers Family
Guidance Counselor McSoley, Tomas None
Guidance Counselor Muto, Vanessa None
Interventionist Catapano, Adele None
IPS Coach Mariano, Valerie None
Kindergarten Bebeau, Amber
  • Abundant Life Birth Center
Kindergarten Beier, Kayla None
Kindergarten Kennedy, Janina
  • The Chastain family
Kindergarten Malley, Pam
  • Air & Fuel Services LLC
  • Miss Debbie
Kindergarten Mann, Mary
  • Olivia Vaught/RL Vaught & Associate
  • RL Vaught & Associates
Kindergarten Saxton, Sherri
  • Kazu Japanese Restaurant
  • Kirchman Construction
  • Larry and Mary Waits
Kindergarten Scrivani, Jenna
  • Port Salerno Animal Hospital
Literacy Coach Ascuitto-Houck, Andrea None
Literacy Coach Carroll, Dayna None
Math Coach Parker, Jennifer None
Math Coach Raiford, Kelly
  • Mikati Family
Media Specialist Garner, Rebekah None
Music Robbins, Michael
  • Mikati Family
  • The Bruno Family
Physical Education Craft, Philip
  • Mikati Family
Resource VE Flanagan, Brenda None
Resource VE Reick, Susan None
Science Heath, Michelle
  • Mikati Family