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Classroom Projects in Need of Funding 
Investing directly in the creativity and commitment of our schools is one of the best ways to improve student learning and achievement.  School-based grants promote collaboration among schools and community partners, encourage schools to focus on innovative approaches, and provide well-rounded learning experiences—all creating opportunities for students to thrive.
Please use the following filters to easily find projects that you may be interested in funding.  All donations are greatly appreciated.  Whether you can donate $5, $20, $500, or more, your donation is greatly appreciated.  100% of your donation will go directly to fund the classroom need of your choice.    

Classroom Projects

Date Title Teacher/School Subject Funding
03/21/2019 Tour of Europe Experience Steff, Nelissa
Martin County High School
Social Studies $50.00 / $4,500.00
03/16/2019 Flexible Workspace for Students Hutcheson, Anna
Clark Advanced Learning Center
Reading $350.00 / $550.00
03/15/2019 Learning from Lucy Mull, Lori
Crystal Lake Elementary
Reading $475.00 / $700.00
03/06/2019 Flexible Seating Swanson-Reichenbach, Jamie
Warfield Elementary
Cross-Curricular $0.00 / $392.32
02/26/2019 iPad for Video Reflections Coyle, Andraya
Crystal Lake Elementary
Cross-Curricular $55.00 / $329.99
02/19/2019 Reading Binders D'Angelo, Daniela
Crystal Lake Elementary
Reading $36.00 / $36.00
02/19/2019 Aquaponic Tank in the Classroom Hinkley, Brittany
JD Parker School of Science, Math & Technology
Science $0.00 / $135.00
02/07/2019 Crazy for Cotton Candy! Almy, Kristina
Palm City Elementary (PCE)
Cross-Curricular $48.95 / $248.95
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