Hobe Sound

Class Teacher Donors  
1 Wherever Most Needed Wherever, Most Needed None
1st Grade Beecher, Shawn
  • Caleb and Rae Hull
  • Pete and Jamie Ashford
1st Grade Campbell (Patton), Brianna
  • The Simpkins Family
1st Grade Haluck, Danielle
  • Derek & Denise Spittler
  • Rocco Sinicki's Family
1st Grade Ruiz (Horton), Tara
  • Elisa Horton, LMFT, LMHC, NCC, Inc.
2nd Grade Bodie, Erica None
2nd Grade Evans, Laura
  • Carter Camero
2nd Grade Hager, Jen
  • Schans family
2nd Grade Hoilman (Lightman), Rachel
  • Kathy Cagni
  • Soars Family
2nd Grade Litten, Leslie None
3rd Grade Goosey, Rebecca
  • The Mijares Morales Family
  • The Simpkins Family
3rd Grade Schilling, Kathleen None
3rd Grade Wilson, Lydia
  • An Anonymous Donor
4th Grade Bourguignon, Gabrielle
  • Mr Softee South Florida
4th Grade Cagni, Barbara
  • Kathy Cagni
4th Grade Jovanovich, Sharon None
4th Grade Murray, Lauren
  • Paulsen Family
5th Grade Balogh, Paige
  • An Anonymous Donor
  • Sayvel Mendez, Bernal Family
5th Grade Creswell, Kathy
  • An Anonymous Donor
  • GDC Architects-Engineers
5th Grade Cusack, Therese
  • Kathryn L. McHale, LLC
  • Tom & Madelyn Holder
5th Grade Strumwasser, Jamie
  • The DeForest Family
Art Watson, Stephanie
  • An Anonymous Donor
Assistant Principal Gore, Willie None
Computer Lab Sherman, Kathleen None
EBD - Intermediate Wage, Marsha
  • Fraternal Order of Eagles Aerie 3896
Gifted Nolan, Jollyn
  • The Koren Family
Guidance Counselor Martter, Nancy None
Interventionist Woolley, Alayna None
Kindergarten Brandt, Crystal
  • Caleb and Rae Hull
  • Florence McNett Family Home Day Care
  • Reasoner Family
  • The Little Royals Dentistry for Kids
Kindergarten Dolan, Tiffany
  • Rita & Jim Carr
Kindergarten Evans, Marshelle
  • An Anonymous Donor
  • Matt & Tammy Camero (Cole’s parents)
Kindergarten Foley, Krista
  • Brittany and Matthew Pope
  • Melanie Simko
  • Nixon Family
Media Specialist See, Patricia None
Music Arencibia, Carmen
  • An Anonymous Donor
Physical Education Lingren, Ben
  • An Anonymous Donor
Science DeVoe, Stephanie
  • Soars Family
Speech Clawson, Danielle None
Teacher March, Ruth None
VPK Borrow, Danielle
  • Pete and Jamie Ashford
VPK Lucky, Shari
  • Lillian Miller
  • Liz Anderson
  • Patricia Young
  • The Titkemeier Family