Dr. David L. Anderson Middle School

Dr. David L. Anderson Middle School

7000 SE Atlantic Ridge Drive
Stuart, Florida 34997
(772) 221-7100


Ebony Jarrett

Mission: Educate all students for success.
Vision: A dynamic educational system of excellence. 

Class Teacher Donors  
1 Wherever Most Needed Wherever, Most Needed None
Art Guevara, Thanya None
AVID Borges, Michelle G
  • All Jetting Technologies,Inc/Watson/Hardin
AVID Coordinator Smith, Rachel None
Band Egan, John
  • Stan Kostyashkin
Career Exploration Morgester, Candace
  • Chastain Family
  • The Lee family
Career Tech Ed Balzano, Ricardo None
Career Tech Ed Garrity, Douglas None
Civics Bertuccio, Peter None
Civics Covington, Heather-Ann None
Critical Thinking Somers, Isabel None
Culinary Arts Armstead, Rachel
  • Okeechobee Steakhouse
  • Southeastern Excavating/Schoverling Family
Dean Falzon, Anthony None
EFMC Booking Vending Machine at AMS Rhodes, Lisa None
ELA Bortak, Kayla None
ELA Ciotti, Kellie None
ELA Falli, Michelle None
ELA Holland, Carol-Lee
  • Anthony oteri
ELA McMahon, James None
ELA Miller, Michelle None
ELA Morabito, Melissa None
ELA Odolinska, Iuliia None
ELA Support Facilitator Soriano, Madeline None
ESE Placement Specialist Kelley, Pam None
ESE Staffing Specialist Jones, Kalie
  • All Area Roofing & Construction
  • The jobsons
  • The Richters
ESE Support Facilitator Lacitiva, Serena None
Guidance Allen, Vonetta None
Guidance Reid, Kendall None
Guidance Counselor Finley, Jessica None
History Shaffer, Suzanne None
IND Prussing, Alexandra None
Intervention Teacher Johnson, Juanita
  • Kelley Decowski Team at RE/MAX
Language Arts Malavasi, Janine
  • Schulte Family
Math Andicoy, Kezel None
Math Armato, Melissa
  • Conchy Joe's Seafood
Math Gomez, Anna None
Math Jensen, Danielle
  • Southeastern Excavating/Schoverling Family
Math Mendelson, Steven
  • Darlene Payton/ Emerson Orr
  • Dowd Family
Math Newkirk, Marvin None
Math Panara, Josephine
  • Darlene Payton/ Emerson Orr
Math Parsons, Kristin
  • Schulte Family
Media Specialist Middleton, Kelly None
Medical Skills Tietgens, Amanda None
PE Bednar, Brandon None
PE Bruchal, Kelsey None
PE Campbell, Rebecca None
Physical Education Higgins, Dean None
Prev/Intervention Program Specialist McCollister, Derrell None
Reading Bristow, Rachel None
Reading Brouillet, Sarah
  • Ethan Engh
Reading Ponte, Shelley None
Science Belvin, Tonya
  • Proctor Construction
  • Schulte Family
Science Bennett, Naritza None
Science Brodie, Elizabeth C None
Science Flanagan, Joseph None
Science Neal, Jonathon None
Science Ryan, Ellise
  • Catherine McNeal
  • The Prueger Family Foundation
Science Smith, Connie
  • Stringers Tavern & Oyster Bar
Science Weaver, Ange'lo None
Social Studies Farley, Patrick
  • Tami Karol Insurance Agency
Social Studies Gore, Constance None
Social Studies Hill, Sheila None
Social Studies Humes, Jim None
Social Studies Malham, Kristopher None
Support Facilitation Fey, John
  • All Area Roofing & Construction
Support Facilitator Fernandez, Melissa None
Support Facilitator Mendez, Erica None
U.S. History Grear, Christopher None
VE Support Facilitator Kemler, Ashley None