Port Salerno Elementary

Class Teacher Donors  
1 Wherever Most Needed Wherever, Most Needed None
1st Grade Adams, Maureen
  • Ryan & Kaitlyn
1st Grade Churchey-Martinez, Frances None
1st Grade Davis, Jackie None
1st Grade Dickinson, Joanne None
1st Grade DiGiorgio, Christine None
1st Grade Kemp-Carreiro, Brittany None
1st Grade Soliman, Teresa
  • jean weaver
  • Judith Quinn
  • Ross Weaver
2nd Grade Creedon, Mary Rose None
2nd Grade Damian, Elena None
2nd Grade Fischer-Rasmussen, Melissa
  • Russ Laine
2nd Grade Hooks, Cristy
  • Hooks Construction
  • Riverview Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry
  • Troy Stinman
2nd Grade Lozeau, Krista
  • An Anonymous Donor
  • Brendon and Gabby
  • Deana Peterson
  • Liz Fedele
  • Louise Auclair
  • Maria S. Zequeira
  • Tina Wilfong Torrance
2nd Grade Rodriguez, Myrna None
3rd Grade Blankman, Kerri None
3rd Grade Colesworthy, Annie None
3rd Grade Crain, Kelly None
3rd Grade Ebell, Trisha None
3rd Grade Famiglietti, Heather
  • Bryan Lorick
  • Dana Suivski
3rd Grade Jackson, Amy None
3rd Grade Juarez, Lisa None
3rd Grade Stich, Katy None
4th Grade Bunch, Katie
  • iTHINK Financial
4th Grade Carreiro, Bridget None
4th Grade Fess, Laura None
4th Grade Garcia, Michelle
  • Mr,Mrs Garcia
  • Red Barn Furniture
4th Grade Kinghorn, Danylessa None
4th Grade Smith, Michelle None
5th Grade Holts, Patricia None
5th Grade Reinhardt, Rachel
  • Dolphin Bar & Shrimp House
5th Grade Whittington, Cheryl None
5th Grade Zilly, Tara
Art Monks, Ashley None
EFMC Book Vending Machine at PSE Rhodes, Lisa None
ESE Teacher Egbert, Elizabeth
  • Melody & Joseph Rooth
ESE Teacher Islam, Tandra None
Extended Day Ratchford, Chase
  • City Diner of Stuart
  • Liz Bernstein
  • Physicians To Women
Gifted Enrichment Florio, Matries
  • Mr. Bingley, Gracie and Taleulah
Guidance Gumbinner, Diane None
Intervention Teacher Rao, Susan None
Interventionist Apple, Angela None
Interventionist Guillen, Kristin None
IPS Coach Wardle, Diane None
Kindergarten Everett, Jennifer
  • The Ratchford Family
Kindergarten Farach, Heidi None
Kindergarten Galdys, Lauren None
Kindergarten Lopes, Vivian None
Kindergarten Rega, Kristen None
Kindergarten Saunders, Nora None
Literacy Coach Dixon, Mary None
Math Coach Drake, Jessica None
Media Specialist Parrish, Dylan None
Music D'Angelo-Lewis, Daniela None
Physical Education Gutschmidt, Charles None
Prevention/Intervention Program Specialist Gonzalez, Alcira None
Science Gannon, Tom None
Spanish Duran Miranda, Cinthya None
Support Facilitator McKerlie, Megan None
Support Facilitator Mull, Lori
  • Christina Mull
Support Facilitator Queen, Brittany None