Port Salerno Elementary

Class Teacher Adopters  
1 Wherever Most Needed Wherever, Most Needed None
1st Grade Adams, Maureen None
1st Grade Churchey-Martinez, Frances None
1st Grade Galdys (Browning), Lauren
  • Alison & HB Warren
  • Port Salerno Commercical Fishing Dock Authority
1st Grade Kemp, Brittany None
1st Grade Lanza, Casey
  • Phone Fix Plus
1st Grade Shaler, Tawn
  • Conchy Joe's Seafood Restaurant
  • Katie & Steve
1st Grade Soliman, Teresa
  • Christ Child Society of Stuart
  • Ross and Jean Weaver
1st Grade Wiggins, Cherese None
1st Grade Wiggins, Katherine
  • Scott & Steff Lindgren
2nd Grade Bitzkowski, Jamie
  • Aunt Andrea
  • Auntie loves you and your 2nd Grade Class Rocks!
2nd Grade Dickinson, Joanne None
2nd Grade Gannon, Tom
  • Zeke's Surf and Paddle
2nd Grade Lozeau, Krista
  • Wright, Ponsoldt, & Lozeau, Trial Attorneys
2nd Grade Rupard, Whitney None
2nd Grade Sands, Cindy None
2nd Grade Timmers-Rogers, Robin
  • Lisa Ridgway
2nd Grade Trempe, Andrea None
3rd Grade Callan, Kim None
3rd Grade Crain, Kelly None
3rd Grade Ebell, Trisha None
3rd Grade Harper, Joe None
3rd Grade Jackson, Amy None
3rd Grade Juarez, Lisa None
3rd Grade McKnight, Mallory None
4th Grade Carreiro, Bridget None
4th Grade Garcia, Michelle
  • Fraternal Order of Police District IV
  • Jorge & Candace Alcorta
  • Mr & Mrs Garcia
  • Mr and Mrs Garcia
4th Grade Morris, Paula
  • Ellen & Kenneth Glennon
  • Gregory Noulas
  • Nancy & Christopher Pavlica
4th Grade Smith, MIchelle Jacqueline None
5th Grade Fischer-Rasmussen, Melissa None
5th Grade Logan, Kate None
5th Grade McConnell (Lindgren), Amanda
  • Vicki Davis
5th Grade Mednick, Stephanie
  • Florence McNett Family Day Care Home
5th Grade Zilly, Tara
  • Gribben Family
  • RCLP
Art Wiswell, Laura None
Assistant Principal Eberst, Alyssa None
Assistant Principal Gifford, Lauren None
Assistant Principal Shaffer, David None
ESE Dyall, Katie None
ESE Mesorana, Christine None
Gifted Nolan, Jollyn None
Guidance Gumbinner, Diane None
IPS Coach Wardle, Diane None
Kindergarten DiGiorgio, Cristine None
Kindergarten Farach, Heidi None
Kindergarten Fox, Maria None
Kindergarten Karsch, Emily None
Kindergarten Rega, Kristen
  • Kristen Rega
Kindergarten Wilcox, Jahmil None
Literacy Coach Lucrezia, Melissa None
Literacy Coach Morrell, Aimee None
Literacy Intervention Bagley, Nicole None
Math Intervention Efinger, Megan
  • Thomas & Marygrace Haluska
Music Rocha, Marlina None
Physical Education Bolen, John
  • A Treasure Coast Driving School
Science Florio, Matries
  • Nancy & Christopher Pavlica