Felix A. Williams Elementary

Class Teacher Adopters  
1 Wherever Most Needed Wherever Most, Needed None
1st Grade Aylsworth (Gonzalez), Valerie
  • The Francis Family
1st Grade Crowder, Jennifer
  • Adam Guzi & the Law Offices of David Golden, P.A.
  • Langenbach Family
  • Nancy Crowder-McCoy
1st Grade Hall, Shelly
  • Tilton & Tilton Law, P.A.
1st Grade Jaroszynski, Leah None
1st Grade Robinson, Donna
2nd Grade Howard, Nicole
  • Freedom Waste (Travis and Kelly Waddell)
2nd Grade Lane, Holley None
2nd Grade Rees, Bethany
  • Jason Dick
  • Tilton & Tilton Law, P.A.
2nd Grade Reynolds, Susan
  • adam and christine palas
2nd Grade Stockwell, Britni None
2nd Grade Thomas, Susan
  • Brad and Shanna Scott
  • Kimberly Amos-Tata (on behalf of Chloe and Bailey)
3rd Grade Burgess, Marisette None
3rd Grade Holmes Hollinger, Kelley
  • Heather Gibson
3rd Grade Jones, Karen None
3rd Grade Posten, Loryn None
3rd Grade Roberts, Angie None
3rd Grade Smith, Jodi None
4th Grade Berkely, Carissa
  • GEICO Local Office-The Moody Family
4th Grade Fourquet, Michael None
4th Grade Root, Pam None
4th Grade Torounian, Eileen None
5th Grade Aboujja, Kristine None
5th Grade Aitken, Janet None
5th Grade Czerwinski, Amy
  • Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Robinson
5th Grade Jole, Stacey None
5th Grade Soviero, Kerry None
Art Brown, LaRhonda
  • Dolphin Bar Shrimp House
Assistant Principal McLeod, Michael None
Computer Lab Freeman, Bridget None
ESE Araque, Allison None
ESE Dailey, Karen None
ESE Kile, Lauren None
ESE-PK Ostbye, Sylvia None
Gifted Cox, DeeAnn
  • The Fennimans
Gifted Nolan, Jollyn None
Gifted Radcliff, Christina
  • The Fennimans
Gifted Urbay, Jessica
  • Jill Borowicz for Jessica
Guidance Counselor Weber, Vicki None
Intervention Problem Solving Coach Gaites, Kimberly None
Intervention Problem Solving Coach Waisley, Janine None
Kindergarten Boogaart, Linda None
Kindergarten Borror, Scottie
  • adam and christine palas
  • Freedom Waste (Travis and Kelly Waddell)
  • The Leider's
Kindergarten Figari, Anne
  • Valencia Insurance (Dennehy Family)
Kindergarten Kujawa, Jessica
  • The Frohlich Family
Kindergarten Pawlak, Sheila None
Literacy Coach Porter, Amy None
Media Specialist Baldwin, Valerie
Music Dougherty, Colleen None
Physical Education Bradley, Greg None
Science Lab Higgins, Kim None
Speech Livings, Carolyn None
VE Herndon, Kerry None
VE Ross, Nancy
  • adam and christine palas
VPK Schmoyer, Michele
  • Adam Guzi & the Law Offices of David Golden, P.A.