Felix A. Williams Elementary

Class Teacher Adopters  
1 Wherever Most Needed Wherever Most, Needed None
1st Grade Alysworth (Gonzalez), Valerie
  • Nikki & Johann Santa-Eulalia
1st Grade Crowder, Jennifer
  • Doug and Nicole Vosters
  • Nancy Crowder-McCoy-Carr, Riggs & Ingram
  • Willie and Debby Allen
1st Grade Hall, Shelly
  • Adam and Christine Palas
  • Jason Dick
1st Grade Krakoff, Leah
  • Freedom Waste Services
1st Grade Robinson, Donna
  • Brad and Shanna Scott
2nd Grade Howard, Nicole
  • Deana and Ron Bailey
2nd Grade Rees, Bethany
  • Dr. & Mrs. Jason McManus
2nd Grade Reynolds, Susan None
2nd Grade Stockwell, Britni None
2nd Grade Thomas, Susan
  • Fastag Roofing, Inc
3rd Grade Black-Posten, Loryn None
3rd Grade Burgess, Marisette
  • James & Raina Hoffman
3rd Grade Holmes Hollinger, Kelley None
3rd Grade Jones, Karen None
3rd Grade Roberts, Angie
  • Willie and Debby Allen
3rd Grade Smith, Jodi
  • James & Raina Hoffman
  • Nat and Sandra Hill
4th Grade Berkely, Carissa None
4th Grade Fourquet, Michael
  • Joey Fontana and Family
4th Grade Root, Pam None
4th Grade Torounian, Eileen None
5th Grade Aboujja, Kristine
  • Kevin and Georgiana Hawken
5th Grade Aitken, Janet
  • tricia knapp
5th Grade Czerwinski, Amy
  • DaSilva Family
5th Grade Jole, Stacey
  • DaSilva Family
  • Nat and Sandra Hill
5th Grade Soviero, Kerry None
Art Brown, LaRhonda
  • Willie and Debby Allen
Assistant Principal McLeod, Michael None
Computer Lab Freeman, Bridget None
ESE Carrillo, Allison None
ESE Cooper, Jodi None
ESE Dailey, Karen None
ESE-PK Ostbye, Sylvia None
Gifted Cox, DeeAnn
  • Schwartz Family
Gifted Nolan, Jollyn None
Gifted Urbay, Jessica None
Gifted Vignone, Christina
  • The Askeland Family
Guidance Counselor Weber, Vicki None
Intervention/Problem Solving Coach Cline, Christine None
Kindergarten Boogaart, Linda
  • Cutsaimanis
  • Lively Orthodontics, P.A.
Kindergarten Borror, Scottie
  • Adam and Christine Palas
Kindergarten Figari, Anne
  • Cutsaimanis
  • Holdy Realty Team
  • Nat and Sandra Hill
Kindergarten Pawlak, Sheila
  • Jason Dick
Kindergarten Recchiuti, Marissa None
Literacy Coach Porter, Amy None
Media Specialist Baldwin, Valerie None
Music Dougherty, Colleen
  • Sue Willoughby
  • Anonymous
Physical Education Bradley, Greg None
Science Lab Higgins, Kim
  • Geoff and Kaija Mayfield
Speech Livings, Carolyn None
VE Herndon, Kerry None
VE Ross, Nancy
  • Adam and Christine Palas
VPK Schmoyer, Michele
  • Doug and Nicole Vosters
  • Kendall Thompson