Crystal Lake

Class Teacher Donors  
1 Wherever Most Needed Wherever, Most Needed None
1st Grade Baughman, Michelle
  • The Steele’s
1st Grade Chawgo, Rene
  • Bills Family
  • Carol and George
  • Jo Ann White
  • The Buntin Family
1st Grade Sprott, Lisa
  • Bustle Family
  • Diaz Family
  • Townsends
  • Tyler, Blake and Dravis
1st Grade Synakowski, Rebekah
  • Benz Family
  • Carter Sanders
2nd Grade Beier, Kayla
  • Benz Family
  • Moskowitz Family
2nd Grade Rodriguez, Idania
  • Skye and Sara Jackson
2nd Grade Wind, Amanda
  • Baronoff Family
3rd Grade Brown, Terri
  • Kaylyn McCoy
  • Sean Laljie
3rd Grade Eckler, Abby
  • Eckler Family
  • Kaylyn McCoy
  • Sean Laljie
  • The Snell Family
3rd Grade Hernandez, Hilda
  • All Jetting Technologies,Inc/Watson/Hardin
  • Skye and Sara Jackson
3rd Grade Kitchen, Lisa
  • Charlie & Kay Hallowell
  • Sara and Skye Jackson
3rd Grade (Gifted) Jamison, Angela
  • Moskowitz Family
  • Skurpski family
4th Grade Barrett, Bridget
  • Southeastern Excavating Inc
4th Grade Jacobs, Kelly
  • Southeastern Excavating
4th Grade Welsh, Alyssa
  • Camerino family
  • Goudkova family
  • Jessica Oetinger
  • Mitchell A. Riccione
4th Grade (Gifted) Anderson, Kimberly
  • Bryce Stringer
  • Diaz Family
  • Jianbo Qian
  • Kelley Family / Kinane Printing
  • Mitchell A. Riccione
5th grade Cameron, Kendra
  • Bennett-Revueltas Family
  • Bustle Family
5th Grade Gast, Sarah
5th Grade Jackson, Carolyn
  • Baronoff Family
  • Chen’s family
5th Grade (Gifted) Perry, Joshua
  • Avni Vivek
  • Baronoff Family
  • Chen’ family
  • Dolphin Bar & Shrimp House
Art Farley, Joelle
  • Tami Karol Insurance Agency
ASD (KG-2nd) Moeller, Jennifer
  • Southern Irrigation Inc
ASD 3-5 Brooks, Lauryn
  • The Somereve's
  • West Family
Clinic Prewitt, Kaitlyn None
Computer Lab O’Connell, Erin
  • Southeastern Excavating/Schoverling Family
EFMC Book Vending Machine at CLE Rhodes, Lisa None
ESE Pre-K Nagel, Melissa None
ESE Pre-K Stringer, Catherine
  • Aqua Services
  • Barlowe's Herbal Elixirs
ESE Staffing Specialist Francke, Kelly None
Extended Day Reynolds, Cindy None
Kindergarten Bolton, Amy
  • Amy Tuminski (Morgan Bouse)
  • Education Foundation of Martin County
Kindergarten Gonzales, Rebecca
  • Bennett-Revueltas Family
  • The Quirion Family
Kindergarten Parker, Justine
  • Florida Hometown Insurance - Cooper
  • Palm City Dryer Vent Services
  • Southern Irrigation Inc
  • Ventriglia Home Improvement
Media Specialist Martin, Elizabeth
  • Bustle Family
MTSS Miller, Kimberlee None
Music Bennett, Brianne
  • Marge Huntsberry
  • Marjorie Huntsberry
  • The Moore Family
Occupational Therapist Morehead, Debbie
  • Southern Irrigation Inc
PE Lawson, Trevor
  • Lawson Family Have a Breezy Day!
School Counselor Hodowanic, Laira None
Science Sanchez, Elaine
  • Moskowitz Family & Blue Spike
Speech O'Connor, Martine None
Speech Pathologist Bullington, Lisa
  • Southern Irrigation Inc
Support Facilitator Bouchard, Jenny
  • Blue Collar Energy
Support Facilitator Pastrovicchio, Ashley None
VPK Teacher Mullen, Michelle
  • The Chawgo Family