Stuart Middle School

Class Teacher Donors  
1 Wherever needed most Wherever, Most Needed None
Adaptive PE/Part Time Dennis, Kelly None
Algebra/Geometry Lankow, Sarah
  • The Askeland Family
Art Silvia, Jordan
  • Tammy Pendergast (Sexton)
ASD Kelley, Pamela None
Assistant Principal Moody, Charlie None
Assistant Principal Curriculum Dereuisseau, Lori None
Band Roberts, Emily
  • S. Holoweiko
  • The Parr Family
  • The Thomas Family
Chorus Rahming, Wallace
  • Markee Family
  • The Shaffer Family
CTE Hubel, Laura None
Dean Martin, Brandt None
ELA Hornsby, Melinda None
ELA Stebbing, Laura None
ELA White, Tracy None
ELA Gifted Smith, Erica
  • The Askeland Family
ELA/Spanish Rocha, Leslie None
ESE Support Facilitator Amador, Pam None
ESE Support Facilitator Ayers, Stacey None
ESE Support Facilitator O'Brien, Laurie None
Guidance Counselor Hazlett, Heather None
Guidance Counselor Ralph, Christopher
  • Geoff & Kaija Mayfield
Health Career Coach Cyr, Jamie None
Heath/Science Lintz, Kim Marie None
History Marchant, Edward
  • Bob Pollino
  • The Shaffer Family
History (Civics) Yankwitt, Danielle None
IND Heun (Hocker), Brittany
  • The Forrester Family
IND Lupia, Pamela None
Intervention Teacher Mustafa, Courtney
  • Bridget Hawkins
IPS Coach Mariano, Valerie None
Language Arts Campbell, Susan None
Language Arts Johnson, Juanita
  • Andre Family
  • Kelley Decowski
  • Samples family
  • The Thomas Family
Language Arts Kemp, Jill (Leslie) None
Language Arts Lowe, Ericka
  • AApex Electric Inc
  • Albany Downtown
  • Anne Warner
  • Ashley West
  • Danelle Mckinnon
  • Dee Mckinnon
  • Jarrod Lowe
  • JD McClintock
  • JeTaun Thomas
  • Kaila Fry
  • Manchester insurance
  • Marci Whitley
  • Marcia
  • Megan Schoner
  • Persaud- Steven Shultz
  • Rob Lowe
  • Ross Smith
  • The Ferrera Family
  • The Murri Family
Language Arts Riley, Kristen
  • Jean & Ed Peters
  • The Shaffer Family
Literacy Coach Pool, Monica None
Math Billings, Kristie
  • Dolphin Bar & Shrimp House
  • Lively Orthodontics
  • The Thomas Family
Math Bolton, Sara None
Math Dawedeit, Kelly
  • The Moody Family-GEICO Local Office
Math Jeffries, Dane None
Math LaChance, Nicole
  • Tobiasz Painting Inc.
Math Mason, Shannon None
Math Noziokova-Cillo, Petra None
Media Specialist Noorian, Mary None
OTH VOC Anderson, Craig
  • The Moody Family-GEICO Local Office
Physical Education Miller, Mike None
Physical Education Potyra, Dorothy None
Physical Education Taylor, Laura None
Science Boyle, Dan None
Science Erwig, Peter None
Science Flood, Simone
  • Andre Family
  • The Askeland Family
  • The Brill Family
  • The Parr Family
  • The Thomas Family
Science Jones, Janelle None
Science McCracken, Adrienne
  • An Anonymous Donor
  • Bresette
  • Catie Welch
  • Eva Newman
  • Kirby Adams
  • Loggerhead Ladies
  • Mike and Wanda
  • Pat Schierup
  • SKM
  • Starfox Ponyface
  • Steve Marineau
Science Purcell, Veronica
  • An Anonymous Donor
  • The Shaffer Family
Science Ryan, Heather None
Social Studies Berkely, Nick
  • Flannery Family
  • Richardson Family
Social Studies Forrester, Ariel
  • Bob Pollino
  • Dolphin Bar & Shrimp House
Social Studies Gutschmidt, Liz
  • The Askeland Family
Social Studies Mailhot, Cassie
  • Preston Honea
Social Studies Pollino, Lynn
  • Bob Pollino
Social Studies Zicaro, Nick
  • The Thomas Family
Support Facilitator Solide, Marie None
Support Facilitator Turner, Duane None
U.S. History Cermeno, Patrick
  • The Parr Family