Stuart Middle School

Class Teacher Donors  
1 Wherever needed most Wherever, Most Needed None
Art Odza, Sheryl
  • Harvard Jolly|PBK Architecture
  • Mia Garcia
Assistant Principal Moody, Charlie None
Assistant Principal Curriculum Dereuisseau, Lori None
Band Roberts, Emily
  • Luca Garcia
  • Nimesh and Prital Patel
  • Patrice & PJ Morgan
  • The Hammes Family
  • The Szabo Family
  • The Thomas Family
Career Exploration McHardy, Kimberly
  • Luca and Mia Garcia
Chorus Basil, Lindsay
  • Erin Basil
  • Kelly Cramer
  • Tom & Sue Whittington (Farrah)
Civics and Debate Berkely, Nick
  • Nonnie and Papa
Critical Thinking Byrd, Ashley
  • Michelle Cullum
  • Tommy Twyford
CTE Latty, Timothy None
EFMC Book Vending Machine at SMS Rhodes, Lisa
  • The Gallo Family
ELA Duesterhaus, Jodi None
ELA Gary, Naeemah None
ELA O'Brien, Laurie
  • The Thomas Family
ELA White, Tracy None
ELA Gifted Smith, Erica None
ESE Schroeder, Suzanne None
ESE Support Facilitator Ayers, Stacey None
ESE Support Facilitator Huston, Lizzette None
Guidance Counselor Golden, Ellie None
Guidance Counselor Hazlett, Heather
  • Luca and Mia Garcia
Heath/Science Lintz, Kim Marie None
History Marchant, Edward
  • Mia Garcia
  • Stringers Tavern & Oyster Bar
History (Civics) Yankwitt, Danielle None
Intervention Teacher Wozny, Erica
  • Kelley Decowski Team at RE/MAX
IPS Coach Mariano, Valerie None
Language Arts John, Walker None
Language Arts Kent, Thomas None
Language Arts Silvestri, Nicholas
  • Luca Garcia
Math Dawedeit, Kelly
  • Dolphin Bar & Shrimp House
  • Kelley Decowski Team at RE/MAX
Math LaChance, Nicole None
Math Noziokova-Cillo, Petra
  • The Thomas Family
Math Rifenbury, Kelsey
  • Airstream Consulting Group
  • Conchy Joe's Seafood
Media Specialist Pool, Monica
  • Kaija & Geoff Mayfield
OTH VOC Davis-Chang, Stephanie
  • Sanghrajka Family
PE McHardy, Alvin
  • Luca Garcia
PE Pociask, Joseph None
Physical Education Taylor, Laura
  • Stringers Tavern & Oyster Bar
Reading / PBIS Lead Claus, Jordan
  • Fran Berkowitz, PA
  • Grandma Shirley
Science Boyle, Dan None
Science Erwig, Peter None
Science Farrar, Casi
  • Mom
Science Flood, Simone
  • BH Consulting Services
  • Patrice & PJ Morgan
  • Sanghrajka Family
  • The Thomas Family
Science Jones, Janelle
  • Mia Garcia
Science McCracken, Adrienne
  • In memory of Terry Bango (McNealy)
  • Uncle Wayne Aunt Ruth (NcNealy)
Science Pons, Jessica
  • Patience fishing
Science Ryan, Heather
  • Luca Garcia
Social Studies Mailhot, Cassie None
Social Studies Worrell, Morgan
  • The Thomas Family
Social Studies Zicaro, Nick
  • Mia Garcia
Spanish Teacher Moore, Heldie
  • Mia Garcia
Support Facilitator He, Lina None
Support Facilitator Solide, Marie None
Support Facilitator Turner, Duane None
U.S. History Cermeno, Patrick
  • Luca Garcia
VE Conrad, Monica None
VE Townley, Leigh
  • The Barnes Family
  • The Dotson Family
Yearbook Class Yankwitt, Danielle None