Stuart Middle School

Class Teacher Donors  
1 Wherever needed most Wherever, Most Needed
  • Heather Gibson
Adaptive PE/Part Time Dennis, Kelly None
Algebra/Geometry Lankow, Sarah
  • Parr Family
Art Pitzner, Olga
  • An Anonymous Donor
  • All Area Roofing & Construction
ASD Kelley, Pamela None
Assistant Principal Moody, Charlie None
Assistant Principal Curriculum Dereuisseau, Lori None
Band Roberts, Emily
Chorus Basil, Lindsay
  • Denise Curley
CTE Latty, Timothy None
ELA Duesterhaus, Jodi None
ELA Hornsby, Melinda
  • The Cusic Family
ELA White, Tracy None
ELA Gifted Smith, Erica
  • Andre Family
  • Dolphin Bar & Shrimp House
ELA/Spanish Rocha, Leslie
  • An Anonymous Donor
  • Parr Family
ESE Support Facilitator Amador, Pam None
ESE Support Facilitator Ayers, Stacey None
ESE Support Facilitator O'Brien, Laurie
  • Jean & Ed Peters
Guidance Counselor Golden, Ellie None
Guidance Counselor Hazlett, Heather None
Health Career Coach Cyr, Jamie None
Heath/Science Lintz, Kim Marie None
History Marchant, Edward
  • The Bitzer boys
History (Civics) Yankwitt, Danielle None
IND Smith, Lisa None
Intervention Teacher Mustafa, Courtney None
IPS Coach Mariano, Valerie None
Language Arts Johnson, Juanita
  • An Anonymous Donor
  • Kelley Decowski, Realtor
Language Arts Kemp, Jill (Leslie)
  • Denise Curley
Language Arts Lowe, Ericka
  • The Bailey Family
Language Arts McMahon, James None
Language Arts Riley, Kristen None
Literacy Coach Pool, Monica None
Math Dawedeit, Kelly
  • Kelley Decowski, Realtor
Math LaChance, Nicole None
Math Mason, Shannon
  • An Anonymous Donor
Math McHardy, Kimberly None
Math Nixon, James
  • An Anonymous Donor
Math Noziokova-Cillo, Petra
  • The Bitzer boys
Media Specialist Noorian, Mary None
OTH VOC Anderson, Craig None
OTH VOC Davis-Chang, Stephanie
  • Wesley Chang
Physical Education McHugh, Taylor None
Physical Education Potyra, Dorothy None
Physical Education Taylor, Laura None
Science Boyle, Dan None
Science Erwig, Peter None
Science Flood, Simone
  • Andre Family
  • George Gozdz
  • Parr Family
  • Richardson Family
  • The Corboy Family
  • The Mayer Family
  • W.H. Financial / Hallett Family
Science Jones, Janelle
  • The Bitzer boys
Science McCracken, Adrienne
  • Eva Newman
Science Purcell, Veronica
  • Denise Curley
Science Ryan, Heather None
Social Studies Berkely, Nick None
Social Studies Forrester, Ariel None
Social Studies Mailhot, Cassie
  • Ocean Breeze Animal Hospital
Social Studies Pollino, Lynn None
Social Studies Zicaro, Nick
  • An Anonymous Donor
Support Facilitator Claus, Jordan
  • Your Daddy
Support Facilitator Solide, Marie None
Support Facilitator Turner, Duane None
U.S. History Cermeno, Patrick None
Yearbook Class Yankwitt, Danielle None