Stuart Middle School

Class Teacher Adopters  
1 Wherever needed most *Wherever, Most Needed None
Art Silvia, Jordan None
Assistant Principal Moody, Charlie None
Assistant Principal Curriculum Dereuisseau, Lori None
Autism Unit Oser, Pam
  • M.C.S.N.T.
Autism Unit Oser, Pamela None
Band Director Burk, Andrew
  • Crouch Family
  • Dolphin Bar & Shrimp House
  • Paruta Family
  • Private Physicians, PLC
  • Private Physicians, PLC
  • Tammy Pendergast
  • The Askeland Family
  • The Sanghrajka Family
Chorus Vitale, Emily
  • Geoff & Kaija Mayfield
ELA Cothern, Emily
  • Kevin and Georgiana Hawken- Preston
ELA Hayhurst, Alicia
  • Dolphin Bar & Shrimp House
ELA Johnson, Juanita None
ELA Quintana, Melissa
  • Chris Ralph
ELA Specht, August
  • Marty and Ashley Rukeyser
ELA Stebbing, Laura None
ELA Warmuskerken, Debra
  • McAfee
  • Private Physicians, PLC
  • Anonymous
ELA White, Tracy
  • Anonymous
ELA Gifted Foster, Erica None
ELA/Read Hayes, Kristin None
ELA/Spanish Rocha, Leslie None
ESE Support Facilitator Amador, Pam None
ESE Support Facilitator O'Brien, Laurie None
Guidance Counselor Hazlett, Heather None
Guidance Counselor Ralph, Christopher None
Health Career Coach Cyr, Jamie None
Heath/Science Lintz, Kim Marie None
History Marchant, Edward None
History Martin, Brandt
  • Private Physicians, PLC
History Turner, Marty None
IND Heun (Hocker), Brittany None
IND Lupia, Pamela None
Intensive Reading Teacher Dineen, Arian None
IPS Coach Mariano, Valerie None
IT Woodcock, Michael None
Literacy Coach Pool, Monica None
Literacy Coach Pool, Monica None
Math Bolton, Sara None
Math Carlson, Jessica None
Math Dawedeit, Kelly
  • Robert Spetz
Math Edwards, Justin
  • Private Physicians, PLC
Math LaChance, Nicole None
Math Mason, Shannon None
Math Noziokova-Cillo, Petra
  • Geoff & Kaija Mayfield
  • Marty and Ashley Rukeyser
Math Purcell, Veronica None
Math Shaw, Heather
  • The Weidman Family
Media Specialist Noorian, Mary None
Physical Education Chasse, Paul None
Physical Education Gutschmidt, Charles None
Physical Education Potyra, Dorothy
  • Anonymous
Physical Education Taylor, Laura None
Science Boyle, Dan
  • Dominic Duran (Dan Waller)
Science Edwards (Volkman), Cortni
  • Marty and Ashley Rukeyser
Science Erwig, Peter None
Science Flood, Simone
  • Fetzner Family
  • McAfee
  • Owen Vincent
  • Private Physicians, PLC
Science Gonano (Stone), Kasey
  • Kevin & Georgiana Hawken - Preston
  • The Askeland Family
Science Jones, Janelle
  • tricia knapp
Science Ryan, Heather
  • Edward Miller and Son, Inc.
  • Anonymous
Science Woodruff, Jared None
Social Studies Berkely, Nick
  • Flannery Family
Social Studies Faraguna, Debra None
Social Studies Gutschmidt, Liz
  • C McAfee
  • The Askeland Family
Social Studies Pollino, Lynn None
Social Studies Shobe, David
  • Marty and Ashley Rukeyser
Speech Ewing, Carey None
Support Facilitation Ayers, Stacey None
Support Facilitation Carroll, Jill None
Support Facilitation Hodor, George None
Support Facilitator McVeigh, Vicki None
U.S. History Cermeno, Patrick None
US History Yankwitt, Danielle
  • American Custom Yachts, Inc.