Class Teacher Donors  
1 Wherever Most Needed Wherever, Most Needed None
1st Grade Goldstein, Ariel None
1st Grade Hubbard, Kimberley None
1st Grade Newman, Robin None
1st Grade Santiago, Hery None
1st Grade Sharp, Rachael
  • Missy Clark
1st Grade Sheltra, Holly Jo
  • Indiantown Realty
  • Iris Wall
  • PRP Construction
  • Town & Country Laundry (Craig & Eva Edwards)
  • W&W Lumber Feed & Ranch Supplies
1st Grade Thomas, Ana None
1st Grade Wright, Kyla
  • CenterState Bank
2nd Grade Banks, Deborah
  • Our Little Shop of Chic
  • PRP Construction
  • Scott Watson
2nd Grade Behringer, Kelly None
2nd Grade Bocken, Cynthia
  • Dolphin Bar & Shrimp House
2nd Grade Burns, Gina None
2nd Grade Hoffman, Heather None
2nd Grade Koehler, Teri None
2nd Grade Love, Kimberly
  • Deana Peterson, Realtor, RE/MAX of Stuart
2nd Grade Tuff-Rolle, Raquel None
3rd Grade Betscha, Rachael None
3rd Grade Blanco (Survance), Felicia None
3rd Grade Dennis, Sandra
  • Lively Orthodontics
3rd Grade Gavagni, Sarah
  • Jeffrey Fisher
3rd Grade Gomez, Blanca None
3rd Grade Lamontage, Corinne None
3rd Grade Rooney, Alexis
  • C&C Diversified Services
  • The O’Donnell family
3rd Grade Skomro, Meagan
  • PRP Construction
  • Scott Watson
  • the Gafford
3rd Grade Snyder, Wendy None
3rd Grade Swanson-Reichenbach, Jamie
  • Independence Ear, Nose & Throat
  • Patricio Enterprises East, Inc.
3rd Grade Tubb, Dorothy (Jeannie) None
4th Grade Brannon, Helen
  • Education Foundation of Martin County
4th Grade Connell, Erin
  • Elizabeth Lewis
  • Levi and Sheena Wilber
  • Philip Lewis
  • Sharp Family
4th Grade Feldman, Elizabeth
  • Steven Feldman
4th Grade Gomez, Jennifer
  • Conchy Joe's Seafood
4th Grade Wardell, Susan
  • The Trimble Family
4th Grade Zakrajsek (Amaral), Marissa
  • Jim McNey
Art Lane, Katie None
Assistant Principal Ferreira, Jean None
Assistant Principal Gilbride, Angela None
ESE Geraghty, Lyn None
ESE Gordon, Kathryn None
ESE Holley, Amy
  • PRP Construction
ESE Montcerisier, Robin
  • Scott Watson
ESE Wolf, Megan None
ESE Pre-K Davis, Ana
  • Marsha & Kevin Powers
ESE Pre-K Roberts, Phyllis Julia
  • Howe Family
  • Indiantown A/C and Service
  • Scott Watson
  • Seacoast Bank
Guidance Counselor Goddard, Jennifer None
K-2 Literacy Coach (Title 1) Bacchiochi, Jennifer
  • Charles Gerardi
Kindergarten Drayton, Gloria
  • Marsha & Kevin Powers
Kindergarten Edwards, Yolanda
  • PRP Construction
Kindergarten Kepich, Heather None
Kindergarten Maggio, Terra None
Kindergarten Reed, Priscilla
  • Debrah Bacchiochi
Kindergarten Spooner, Maria None
Kindergarten Uzar, Melissa None
Kindergarten (Sub) O'Donnell, Melissa
  • Parkman Electric
  • Smith Family
Media Specialist Krogh, Candace
  • Steven D Feldman
Music Harris, Elliott
  • Charles Gerardi
PE Carrasquillo, Jeziel None
PE Holt, Anthony None
Speech & Language Therapist Hanna, Helen
  • Ladies Aux. FOE #3896
Student Teacher Gutierrez, Yaransy
  • Anne Farr
  • Dennis J. Ashley