Class Teacher Donors  
1 Wherever Most Needed Wherever, Most Needed None
1st Grade Goldstein, Ariel None
1st Grade Hubbard, Kimberley None
1st Grade Newman, Robin None
1st Grade Santiago, Hery
  • Charles Gerardi
1st Grade Sharp, Rachael
  • Missy Clark
1st Grade Sheltra, Holly Jo
  • Indiantown Realty
  • Iris Wall
  • PRP Construction
  • Town & Country Laundry (Craig & Eva Edwards)
  • W&W Lumber Feed & Ranch Supplies
1st Grade Thomas, Ana None
1st Grade Wright, Kyla
  • CenterState Bank
2nd Grade Banks, Deborah
  • Our Little Shop of Chic
  • PRP Construction
  • Scott Watson
2nd Grade Behringer, Kelly None
2nd Grade Bocken, Cynthia
  • Dolphin Bar & Shrimp House
2nd Grade Burns, Gina None
2nd Grade Hoffman, Heather None
2nd Grade Koehler, Teri
  • Edwin Valasquez
2nd Grade Love, Kimberly
  • Deana Peterson, Realtor, RE/MAX of Stuart
2nd Grade Tuff-Rolle, Raquel None
3rd Grade Betscha, Rachael None
3rd Grade Blanco (Survance), Felicia
  • La Mexicana Restaurante
  • Pinders Nursery, Inc.
3rd Grade Dennis, Sandra
  • Lively Orthodontics
3rd Grade Gavagni, Sarah
  • Jeffrey Fisher
3rd Grade Gomez, Blanca None
3rd Grade Lamontage, Corinne None
3rd Grade Rooney, Alexis
  • C&C Diversified Services
  • The O’Donnell family
3rd Grade Skomro, Meagan
  • PRP Construction
  • Scott Watson
  • the Gafford
3rd Grade Snyder, Wendy None
3rd Grade Swanson-Reichenbach, Jamie
  • Independence Ear, Nose & Throat
  • Patricio Enterprises East, Inc.
3rd Grade Tubb, Dorothy (Jeannie) None
4th Grade Brannon, Helen
  • Education Foundation of Martin County
4th Grade Connell, Erin
  • Elizabeth Lewis
  • Levi and Sheena Wilber
  • Philip Lewis
  • Sharp Family
4th Grade Feldman, Elizabeth
  • Steven Feldman
4th Grade Gomez, Jennifer
  • Conchy Joe's Seafood
4th Grade Wardell, Susan
  • The Trimble Family
4th Grade Zakrajsek (Amaral), Marissa
  • Jim McNey
Art Lane, Katie None
Assistant Principal Ferreira, Jean None
Assistant Principal Gilbride, Angela None
ESE Geraghty, Lyn None
ESE Gordon, Kathryn None
ESE Holley, Amy
  • PRP Construction
ESE Montcerisier, Robin
  • Scott Watson
ESE Wolf, Megan None
ESE Pre-K Davis, Ana
  • Marsha & Kevin Powers
ESE Pre-K Roberts, Phyllis Julia
  • Howe Family
  • Indiantown A/C and Service
  • Scott Watson
  • Seacoast Bank
Guidance Counselor Goddard, Jennifer None
K-2 Literacy Coach (Title 1) Bacchiochi, Jennifer
  • Charles Gerardi
Kindergarten Drayton, Gloria
  • Marsha & Kevin Powers
Kindergarten Edwards, Yolanda
  • PRP Construction
Kindergarten Kepich, Heather None
Kindergarten Maggio, Terra None
Kindergarten Reed, Priscilla
  • Debrah Bacchiochi
Kindergarten Spooner, Maria None
Kindergarten Uzar, Melissa None
Kindergarten (Sub) O'Donnell, Melissa
  • Parkman Electric
  • Smith Family
Media Specialist Krogh, Candace
  • Steven D Feldman
  • Steven Feldman
Music Harris, Elliott
  • Charles Gerardi
PE Carrasquillo, Jeziel None
PE Holt, Anthony None
Speech & Language Therapist Hanna, Helen
  • Ladies Aux. FOE #3896
Student Teacher Gutierrez, Yaransy
  • Anne Farr
  • Dennis J. Ashley