Great White Shark Cinema Science Expedition

Date 10/23/2018
Teacher Chesrown, Lauren
School Jensen Beach Elementary
Grade K-5
Subject Science

To participate in a professional development field experience with marine biologists, cinematographers, and other science experts to learn how to use cinema to teach science, as well as see real world science investigations taking place.


This is a professional development field experience with Emmy Award winning, shark cinematographer Andy Casagrande. Andy is particularly well known for his work on the Discovery Channel's Shark Week, among other projects with the Discovery Channel and National Geographic.

The field experience includes a 5 day expedition to Guadalupe Island off the coast of Mexico on a live aboard boat. During the expedition we will be experiencing first hand cage diving with Great White Sharks, and in between dives learning cinema techniques, as well as how the science researchers use the information for data collection, as well as education to the public through their work.

I will be experiencing real world science first hand in the field from world renowned experts.

During this time, their team has also committed to producing videos for the Martin County School District to show our students the work being done.


Being able to participate in this once in a lifetime opportunity will not only benefit the students at JBE but also the students across the Martin County School District and our community.

I will be able to take this field experience and bring back to the students an understanding of science investigations in the real world, science careers, how technology is used to support science research, and how it can be used to educate others.

We will also create a variety of projects based on this experience through the grade levels. The experience on board will drive the project developments upon return.

I will be able to share this district wide from a Kindergarten class in Science all the way to video and photography classes at the high school, and to all grade levels in between.

This also ties in to our Green School Initiatives as the basis for this field experience is research efforts to support conservation of apex predators in the ocean, and the health of our water globally.

Our community is so passionate about these causes as we are directly impacted by significant consequences to the health of our own water. To be able to participate in this experience can continue to bring attention to our community as well as help educate our children on the need for conservation efforts, and how science research allows us to best direct our conservation efforts.


Title Amount
Great White Shark Cinema Expedition aboard the Solmar V $5,000.00
Airfare (WPB to San Diego) round trip $400.00
Hotel Stay in San Diego before/after boarding Solmar V $500.00
Passport $60.00
Total $5,960.00

Fund Now

This project is fully funded.

Program Partner

Rosie Aviles

Current Funding

$5,960.00 / $5,960.00

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