Robot Makerspace

Date 08/15/2019
Teacher Creber, Susan
School Murray Middle School
Grade 6-8
Subject Cross-Curricular

To provide students with interest and any skill level in coding an opportunity to learn about coding and how it is applied in real-world scenarios.


The Robot Makerspace is an after school event offered to 6th grade students. Students are presented with a real-world challenge. How can car companies make driver-less cars safer for pedestrians? Students learn about the challenge topic, an overview of programming then learn a program language related to either Sphero, Ozobot or Dash. Students test out their real-world challenge theory. Learning approaches are differentiated and hands-on.


Students are learning about coding and how coding impacts everyday life.


Title Amount
2" Army man plastic toys 144ct @$8.57 x2 $17.14
Felt fabric CPE Decorator 9" x 12" Felt Assortment, 25 Count Walmart $5.99
Velcro dots 3@ $6.20 $18.60
Cardboard25 Sheets Chipboard 30 pt $12.75
Crayola Broad Line Markers, Classic Colors, School Supplies, 10 Count x 10@ $.97 $9.70
Artskills Hot Glue Gun with Mat $7.97 x 2 $15.94
Total $80.12

Fund Now

This project is fully funded.

Program Partner

Rosie Aviles

Current Funding

$80.12 / $80.12

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