Positive Postcards

Date 08/29/2019
Teacher Urbay, Jessica
School Felix A. Williams Elementary School
Grade 3rd Grade
Subject Social/Emotional Learning

To have positive postcards and stamps readily available to write and mail in an effort to celebrate student success, promote positivity, and build community in my 3rd grade classroom this year.


I would like to be able to send home positive postcards to families to celebrate student success (both academic and non-academic focused). I would also love for students to be able to send positive postcard greetings to one another during the school year.


Having these postcards and stamps readily available will help me to further connections with families at home and will help us to come together to celebrate the great things the children are doing at school. Giving students the opportunity to also take place in this will promote kindness and positivity and will help us build a loving community in our classroom this school year. Everyone loves happy mail and every child deserves to feel noticed, appreciated, and celebrated. I know this project could make a big impact in my classroom and I would appreciate any support you can give!


Title Amount
100 pack of forever stamps $75.00
Postcards with Positive Quotes and Affirmations $75.00
Total $150.00

Fund Now

This project is fully funded.

Program Partner

Rosie Aviles

Current Funding

$150.00 / $150.00

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