Digital Art Course Fee

Date 08/17/2020
Teacher Johnson, Bryan
School Martin County High School
Grade 9-12
Subject Art - Visual and Performing Arts

The school district does not provide a budget for the Digital Art class. Similar to college courses, it is essential to have a course fee to offer the latest software, equipment and consumables. It also helps fund our art shows and special projects.


This course fee is $40 for the year and covers software licensing fees, class equipment and consumables for the Digital Art classes. It also covers material costs of printing for our art shows and displays. We also print student work to take home.


I like to keep this course on the cutting edge with the latest software and equipment.


Title Amount
Digital Art Course Fee $6,000.00
Total $6,000.00

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Rosie Aviles
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Current Funding

$2,860.00 / $6,000.00

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