Art kits for students at home

Date 04/09/2021
Teacher Conrad, Tami
School South Fork High School
Grade 9-12
Subject Art - Visual and Performing Arts

My students love to draw and create. It helps them with emotional health, self-expression, and stress relief. They build perseverance and learn how to create 3-dimensional objects with shading. I have selected some basic art materials for individual art kits that they will be excited to use at home during distance learning to achieve professional results. They would be so happy and grateful to have nice quality materials. Each student will be able to develop their own personal voice and imagination through carefully designed online lessons that encourage artistic growth and self confidence. We will be needing 150-175 art kits.


My students come from a rural environment in Florida. Many are low income and have difficulty coming up with paper and art supplies for their high school visual arts class. I want their creativity, perseverance and enthusiasm to shine when they make beautiful art. Because of Covid-19 distance learning they have been doing their art works on scrap paper or cereal boxes. With new guidelines for teaching studio art, students in person will not be sharing art materials this year. In the past, students were able to share tools, equipment, and art materials that were stored in the classroom. In order to keep students and staff safe while adhering to district-wide visual art guidelines for instruction, each student will need to have their own art kit. They would be grateful, eager and excited to learn with real art supplies.


The basic art kit includes sketchbook, pencils, ruler, eraser, watercolor with brush, and colored pencil. 25 students will be taking an advanced level art course. The advanced art kit includes acrylic set, brushes, mixed media pad, graphite stick, pencils, eraser, and glue.


Title Amount
Shatter Resistant Rulers 100 $80.00
12 pack ebony pencils 5 $34.00
8 pan prang watercolors100 $384.00
Total $498.00

Fund Now

This project is fully funded.

Program Partner

Rosie Aviles

Current Funding

$498.00 / $498.00

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