Tech for Tots

Date 09/10/2021
Teacher Smith, Kiera
School Palm City Elementary (PCE)
Grade Kindergarten
Subject Technology

For the past year and a half, all kindergarteners were provided a laptop due to the pandemic. However, this year our youngest learners do not have that same access to technology. Grades 3-5 continues to be one-to-one, while our classroom was provided with 6 laptops. We have seen firsthand the benefits of one-to-one technology in the primary classroom, so my goal is to continue to provide this access to my students.

Currently, I have 16 little learners, but only 6 laptops. I would like to purchase additional devices so that half of our class would be able to work on laptops at the one time.


I would like to purchase 4 additional HP Chromebooks for student use. This would allow me to have a total of 10 laptops in the classroom.


Little learners enter school with the knowledge of how to operate a tablet, but when it comes to using a mouse, keyboard, or trackpad, their skills are very limited. Knowing how to operate a laptop is an essential and critical skill in today's technology focused world.

Laptops would not be replacing textbooks, library materials, or paper-based learning. They would be used to supplement and enhance the education that we are providing. They are proven to increase student engagement, meet the needs of learners by providing enrichment and remediation, and of course improve computer skills.

Thank you for your consideration. We would be grateful for your support!


Title Amount
HP Chromebook $152.00
HP Chromebook $152.00
HP Chromebook $152.00
HP Chromebook $152.00
Total $608.00

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$791.00 / $608.00

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