Seat pockets

Date 09/11/2021
Teacher Borror, Scottie
School Felix A. Williams Elementary School
Grade Kindergarten
Subject Literacy

I would like to get seat pockets on the back of the children's chairs so that they can store some of their belongings. I wanted to store their fundation materials and benchmark workbooks and a few books for their independent reading.


Chair pockets that slide over the back of a chair. I would like to have a set of 20. One for each child $7.50 each. Total of $150


To help teach the children to be responsible for their belongings .Also to help me with having their material close by and being able to pull it out when needed. :)


Title Amount
Etsy chair pockets (set of 20) $150.00
Total $150.00

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$150.00 / $150.00

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