Math Calcumate

Date 02/25/2022
Teacher Capulong, Grace
School Murray Middle School
Grade 8th Grade
Subject Math

To have 1 calculator per student in the class. To be able to use manipulatives during lectures. To be able to have stocks of other essential materials in the classroom.


Scientific calculators are needed in some of the lessons in Algebra.

Manipulatives that can be useful in explaining the lessons.

Graph paper, pencil, dry erase markers and copy papers are some of the essentials that we need in a classroom.


Students can focus on their own work if they have the calculators by themselves rather than sharing with other students.

Students can have a deeper understanding of the lesson using manipulatives.

Students who don’t have paper, pencil and the likes can have it for free in my class.


Title Amount
TI 30X-a Calculator $100.00
Square Tiles $20.00
Copy paper $32.00
Graph/Loose Leaf Paper $35.00
Pencil $20.00
Dry Erase Marker $23.00
Total $230.00

Fund Now

This project is fully funded.

Program Partners

Rosie Aviles
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Current Funding

$230.00 / $230.00

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