We love reading!

Date 08/09/2022
Teacher Corlett, Caitlin
School Palm City Elementary (PCE)
Grade 1st Grade
Subject Reading

I am looking to expand my classroom library to include more books to instill the love of reading in my first grade students.


I firmly believe that by engaging students in a variety of texts that I am able to help them build a relationship with reading. Your money will go towards selecting books that will engage and excite my little readers minds.


Students will be able to browse my library knowing that there will be level appropriate and interesting texts available to them. Students will engage in reading with peers and share their learning from these new books.


Title Amount
Emergent Reader Library $255.00
National Geographic Kids: National Geographic Kids Collection Grades $35.00
Science Vocabulary Readers: Space $53.99
Lakeshore Nonfiction Sight-Word Readers - Level 2 $49.99
Eyewitness Nonfiction Readers - Level 1 $49.50
Eyewitness Nonfiction Readers - Level 2 $49.50
Total $492.98

Fund Now

This project is fully funded.

Program Partners

Rosie Aviles
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Current Funding

$492.98 / $492.98

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