Hygiene is Important

Date 09/19/2022
Teacher Wiggins, Cherese
School South Fork High School
Grade 9-12
Subject Physical Education

In HOPE we just want to make students aware of their hygiene and body odor as part of their overall health.


This would give students the opportunity to take care of themselves. 4 packs of 10 travel size deodorants.


We have had many instances that students are made fun of for not smelling great due to lack of deodorant or having body odor. To avoid this we are asking for deodorant samples that or students can leave in their gym locker.


Title Amount
Deodorant/Antiperspirant - 40 travel size $66.64
Total $66.64

Fund Now

This project is fully funded.

Program Partners

Tami Karol Insurance
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Current Funding

$66.64 / $66.64

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