Hidden Oaks

Hidden Oaks Middle School

2801 SW Martin Highway
Palm City, FL 34990
(772) 219-1655


Christopher Forte

Hidden Oaks Middle School is committed to providing a safe and challenging learning environment which will empower all students to achieve their utmost potential. The Hidden Oaks Middle School team, along with the shared involvement of students, parents, and community, promotes the principles that assist in preparing our children to be life-long learners and contributing members of our global society.

The mission of the Martin County School District, in partnership with family and community, is to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to become responsible citizens through comprehensive learning experiences and innovative environments that extend beyond traditional walls.

Class Teacher Donors  
1 Wherever Most Needed Wherever, Most Needed None
Art Foglia, Jennifer None
Art Nelson, Melissa None
Assistant Principal Johnson, Anne None
Assistant Principal Orozco, Guillermo None
AVID Koeppel, Amy None
Band Sherwood, Ashley None
Career Research Nassar, Beth None
Civics Boswell, John None
Civics Coleman, Kelly None
Civics Gutschmidt, Elizabeth None
CTE Business Education Swain, Joelisa None
Digital Media Production Carter, Alicia None
EFMC Book Vending Machine at HOMS Rhodes, Lisa None
ELA Ciotti, Kellie None
ELA Pacheco Constantino, Silvia None
ELA Roberts, Valerie None
ELA Stebbing, Laura None
English Language Arts DeVito, Shari None
English Language Arts Schneider, Debra None
English Language Ats Watkins, Charles None
ESE Staffing Specialist Hill, Samantha None
Global Perspectives Davis, Christina None
Health Carreiro, Sabrina None
Interventionist Buddin, Danielle None
Interventionist/Dean Eimann, Emily None
Intro to Architecture DuBois, Melissa None
Math Ely, Marie None
Math Greco, Chelsea None
Math Harse, Kim None
Math Henderson, Ashle None
Math Lee-Effs, Casey None
Math Savett, Erin None
Math Schaffer, Cindy None
Media Specialist Ciufo, Patience None
PBIS Walters, Natalie None
Physical Education Carter, Alicia None
Physical Education Potyra, Dorothy None
Physical Education Thiesen, Michael None
Physical Education Walters, Natalie
  • Christina McKenzie CPA PA
  • The McKenzie’s
Physical Education Wells, Derek None
Principal Forte, Christopher None
School Counselor Bradley, Kate None
School Counselor Overbaugh, Jason None
School Counselor Romano, Nicole None
School Counselor Rudoff, Rebecca None
School Social Worker Morales, Ashley None
Science Cogliati, Tyler
  • Franco Construction Inc
Science Halpern, Silvia None
Science Howard, Mike None
Science Lang, Amy None
Science Maynard, Lydia None
Science Montalbano, Marcie None
Spanish Davis, Christina None
Spanish Rocha, Leslie None
Speech Pathologist Guardino, Audrey None
Support Facilitator Daniel, Doris None
Support Facilitator Daub, Cindy None
Support Facilitator Montague, Linda None
Support Facilitator Walling, Leslie None
US History Boudreau, Kevin None
VE Carreiro, Julie None
World History Baker, Maria None
World History Hutchinson, Dawne None
World History Lunt, Mark None