Teacher Feedback

Leigh Anne Pike, Palm City Elementary

"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them." John F. Kennedy.
I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to The Education Foundation of Martin County for its Classroom Enrichment Grant Program. Through the generous patronage of their public and private donors. I am able to purchase enrichment materials for my students. These purchases provide meaningful and varied learning experiences for my students this year, and for many years to come.
Year after year, The Education Foundation of Martin County has reached out to the "front line of education"- teachers. I am grateful for their generous and constant support; and, so are my students.

Barbara Graunke, Murray Middle School
I would like to express my gratitude to the Education Foundation of Martin County and its supporters for providing me with the funds to purchase a classroom subscription to Science World magazine for my students.  By reading about current science topics and discoveries, my seventh-grade students have not only increaseed their scientific knowledge but also their interest in science.  The classroom enrichment grants provided by the Education Foundation truly help to enhance the learning environments of our students.

Cressa Zajac, JD Parker
I would like to thank the Education Foundation of Martin County for awarding my classroom two grants. We have used the funds to purchase materials that would not have otherwise been available. The students have enjoyed the hands on manipulatives. They have helped to make learning fun and exciting! We are grateful for their support!



Ms. Versiackas, Anderson Middle School

A big thank you to the Education Foundation of Martin County for providing grant monies to implement a new reading project at Anderson Middle School. The project, entitled "Word Play" aims to develop remedial student's fluency and comprehension skills through the use of games. The project has been extremely successful and the students are having a blast!

Thank You!


Brooking Bullock, Palm City Elementary

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Education Foundation of Martin County for funding two grants for the science lab at Palm City Elementary.  These grants were to provide materials for students to conduct hands-on scientific activities.
The first involved purchasing hand-lenses so that students could observe the tiny living creatures in pond water. These lenses will be used for countless other activities for years come.
The second grant allowed students to create the "Solar System" outside on a large field. They used items such as a large yellow exercise ball for the Sun to a tiny pin head to represent the moon. Balloons represented the Giant Gas Planets. Students stretched their Solar System across the field. Not only did they learn the order of the planets but had a much better understanding of the distance between the planets.
Thank you again for allowing our students to learn in such creative, fun and exciting ways.

Kerry Soviero, Felix A. Williams Elementary School
I'd like to take the opportunity to thank the Education Foundation of Martin County for awarding me with an education grant for the building of Electricity Circuits with my fifth graders at Felix A. Williams Elementary School.
Student enthusiasm was tremendous! Hands-on learning enables children to apply learning to the real world. It can be costly and time consuming, but so can running a business. Students built closed, simple circuits displaying science research questions and answers. FAWE staff, classes, and families visited our exhibit and explored our boards matching questions to answers on various topics. If your answer was correct, the circuit board lit up!
Thank you for allowing me enhance my curriculum in such an effective way. I look forward to more challenges to come.

Valerie Gaynor, Jensen Beach High School
I just want to offer a huge thank you to the Education Foundation of Martin County and all the sponsors that have contributed to making my classroom an innovative and hands on environment.
This year, I received two grants.  One to teach students about water quality and the effects on marine organisms. The second grant was for my students to create books/games/puzzles for elementary students to teach them about our ocean organisms and ecology. My students are excited sharing their knowledge with other students.
I am extremely grateful to live in a community that supports the schools efforts to educate. My students at Jensen Beach High School have thoroughly enjoyed learning about various fish and the effect of water quality and also using their creativity and knowledge to make children's books. You have truly brightened my classroom and my curriculum and I thank all the contributors and personnel at the Education Foundation for helping make my classroom come alive.

Jennifer Blot, Pinewood Elementary
Thank you, Education Foundation of Martin County and Donors, for selecting my class as a recipient of a Classroom Enrichment Grant this school year. I am so very pleased and excited to participate in a program that benefits students in such a positive way.
This grant titled, "Listen Up! Listen to Reading" enabled me to purchase numerous audio stories on CD with matching books for my students. Paired with personal CD players and headsets, the students now listen to good quality literature and hear fluent reading on a daily basis. Through this experience, I hope to expand both their listening and reading vocabularies, improve their language fluency, and ultimately create better readers who enjoy reading. So far, the results have been very positive and I'm encouraged with the progress to date. 
Thank you again for investing in this worthwhile project.

James Korycinski, Martin County High School

Mr. Korycinski and his Honors and AP World History students at Martin County High School would like to thank the Martin County Education Foundation for their generous grant of $500 that went toward supplemental supplies for our new classroom Smart Board. You have helped make the educational experience a more interesting and enjoyable one!


Sarah Brouillet, Stuart Middle

I would like to thank the Martin County Education Foundation and its sponsors for the grant awarded to my classroom. The money was used to purchase nonfiction reading materials that are suitable for readers of all levels. The students have already learned so much and have had a great time learning! Thank you!


Gail Newman, Hobe Sound Elementary
Thank you, Education Foundation of Martin County!

The two grants I received, "What's Inside Me" and "Seeing is Believing," provided resources to enhance the first grade curriculum. Students have had opportunities to learn about the skeletal and digestive systems and to identify x-rays of insects and animals. A favorite activity was assembling x-rays of a life-size child. Students also enjoyed learning interesting facts about other organs of the body with an interactive torso. Using the hand-held magnifier to view objects allowed students to develop observation skills. These materials were provided through funds from the Education Foundation and I send a big Thank You to all donors and members of the Foundation. I appreciate your support and so do the students in my classroom!


Pam Peterson-Daly, Indiantown Middle School

"When are we ever gonna use Algebra?" That is a frequently asked question in our 8th grade math and science classes in Indiantown Middle School.

Thanks to the Education Foundation of Martin County, many of the students can now answer that question.
On January 6, we had Mark Love, a civil engineer who started "Engineers Teaching Algebra", come to Indiantown Middle School and showed students how math is used to control traffic signals. Throughout his presentation he acted like a cheerleader, encouraging students to work hard in math and make it to calculus in high school allowing them to be in the top 10% in the country. In the lesson he had students excitedly raising their hands and scrambling their pencils. Mr. Love tapped their knowledge of algebra to unravel the seldom-considered mystery of traffic signals. This civil engineer not only exposed the students to new career opportunities but energized them to excel in math and everything they do.
Thank you Education Foundation of Martin County for all you do and giving educators opportunity to bring special programs to schools throughout the county.

Anne Wheeler, Hobe Sound Elementary
On behalf of my second grade students I would like to acknowledge and thank the Education Foundation of Martin County for providing funds for enrichment activities in my classroom. Through awarded grants, I was able to purchase a Geo Safari Smart Talk to assist English Language Learners with our grade level vocabulary. I also received funding for blank books and Writer's Directories that are perfect for encouraging my young writers. Finally, I purchased magnetic foam tiles to help our first and second grade students with beginning reading skills.
I appreciate all the time and effort our community contributes to provide a meaningful learning experience for my students. We are fortunate to have a supportive local community to partner with us as we strive for excellence in education. These materials and resources will provide years of valuable learning experiences for my students.

Carolyn Livings, Felix A. Williams Elementary

The ESE Department at Felix A. Williams Elementary extends a special thank you and much appreciation to the Education Foundation of Martin County and CVS Caremark Community Grant Program for their generosity. With their grants, we were able to purchase the Interactive Metronome, a research-based computer program. This brain-based program works on improving rhythm and timing, which in turn increases attention/concentration, auditory and visual processing, cognitive progressing, motor control, coordination, reading and math fluency, language processing, executive functions, and control of aggression/impulsivity. We are very excited and grateful to have this equipment to help our students!


Ms. Platt, Crystal Lake Elementary
We would like to extend a big thank you to the Education Foundation of Martin County for the grant we received to use for our classroom. It will be used to purchase books and materials for literature circles. Literature circles really give students the opportunity to think and discuss among their peers.
In the words of Dr. Seuss, "Think left and think right, and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think if only you try!" Thank you for giving my students another opportunity to think and learn!

Pat Phillips, South Fork High School

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the Education Foundation of Martin County for its continued support of the teaching profession and the students of Martin County. It is through your organization's grants that many innovative solutions to educational challenges are realized. Your help has enabled me to meet my students' needs. Thank you so much.


Mrs. Bass, Mrs. Masino, Mrs. Nichols, and Ms. Platt, Crystal Lake Elementary

On behalf of the third grade teachers and students at Crystal Lake Elementary, we just want to say thank you to the Education Foundation of Martin County for providing a grant to purchase more supplies for our classrooms. With the money from the grant, we will be able to purchase hands on manipulatives and books to read related to math, that will help students gain a better understanding of the many math concepts they learn. The students (and teachers) are so excited to use all of the new materials. From the bottoms of our toes, to the tips of our noses, we thank you for caring about our students' education.


Debra Alessandra, Spectrum Jr./Sr. High School
This year I was honored to be a grant recipient from the Education Foundation of Martin County. With these Classroom Enrichment funds, I was able to provide a learning opportunity for my students that could not, otherwise, be duplicated. Our class was able to experience the creation and maintenance of a hydroponic garden. This hands-on project has generated interest and enthusiasm in my students and given them a way to apply math and science skills to real life situations. The monitoring and care of this hydroponic system has also helped instill a sense of responsibility, inspired creativity and created excitement in the learning environment. My students have made a valuable connection between math in their daily life and their classroom applications.
This donation has given me a set of valuable lessons to make a difference in the lives of my students. I am deeply appreciative of the generosity and insight of the Education Foundation of Martin County to enhance my curriculum and impact the lives of my students, not only now, but in their future.

Melissa DuBois, JD Parker

I would like to sincerely thank the Education Foundation of Martin County for awarding her a $1,500 classroom enrichment grant. The grant, "Space Invaders," will allow approximately 125 local 5th grade students to launch through space; carrying them through hands-on explorations while learning in-depth Earth and Space content. The program's grand finale will blast students into "backyard seat" at the I.R.S.C.'s Hallstrom Planetarium allowing for our 5th grade students to experience science enrichment far beyond the textbook.

Thank you EFMC for your dedication to our children and teachers in Martin County.