Dr. David L. Anderson Middle School

Dr. David L. Anderson Middle School


Anderson Middle School
7000 SE Atlantic Ridge Drive
Stuart, Florida 34997
(772) 221-7100

Website:  www.dlams.martinschools.org

Timothy Aitken

It is the mission of Dr. David L. Anderson Middle School to develop the unique academic, physical, artistic, social, and emotional strengths of middle grades students. The faculty of Anderson Middle School is committed to creating and maintaining an orderly, trusting, positive, and caring environment where teaching and learning are exciting, and students are mentored as they develop responsibility and become life-long learners.

Class Teacher Adopters  
1 Wherever Most Needed *Wherever, Most Needed None
7th Grade Math Velinsky, Victoria None
Art Richardson, Donna
  • Jordan Bassett
  • Martin County Fair
Assistant Principal Flanagan, Joe None
Assistant Principal Milton, Vicki None
Band/Chorus Egan, John
  • APi Water
  • Jordan Bassett
  • The Brock / Rizzo Family
Career Tech Ed Juan-Gaspar, Miguel None
Civics Anderson, Anthony None
Computer Middleton, Kelly None
Critical Thinking Hill, Sheila None
Critical Thinking Stitely, Linda
  • Ira & Maninder Singh
ESE Support Facilitator/Math Peroldo, Monica None
Guidance Allen, Vonetta None
Guidance Boyar, Allison None
Health Science Ganton, Tina None
IND Kastrup, Megan
  • Martin County Special Needs Training, INC.
Language Arts Briggs, Amber None
Language Arts Cabrera, Luis None
Language Arts Cuccurullo, Kerrie None
Language Arts DiBari, Mariah
  • Art and Dianne DiBari
  • Bill and Lori Sang, and Dylan Carver
Language Arts Duesterhaus, Jodi None
Language Arts Jackson, Kristina None
Language Arts Johnson, Kirsi
  • Rinker-Stokes Family
Language Arts Malavasi, Janine
  • Owens family
Language Arts McGrath, Susan None
Language Arts Mercado, Kathy None
Language Arts O'Donnell, Jeffrey None
Language Arts Pearson, Kimberley None
Language Arts Reese-Young, Susan None
Language Arts Stewart, Zahid None
Language Arts Storm, Brooke None
Language Arts/Spanish Powers, Patricia
  • Collin Whitney and Family
Literacy Coach Piasecki, Michelle None
Math Borowick, William None
Math Campbell, Michelle None
Math Deckard, Michael None
Math Duty, Jennifer
  • Kimi
Math Frates, Tessa
  • Loving Chiropractic of Stuart - Dr. Brian Moriarty
Math Gabriel, Lonna None
Math Marotta, Lisa None
Math Mori, Lauri None
Math Roman, Jessica None
Math Rosenberger, Kristen None
Math Schwartz, Hollie
  • Virginia DeLong
Math Coach Dohm, Kelly None
Media Specialist Taylor, Penelope
  • Robert Langlois
PE Vaccaro, Chris None
PE Vantassel, Sara None
Physical Education Higgins, Dean None
Physical Education Hixson, Jacqueline None
Reading Coach McMurry, Diane None
Reading Teacher Scheppler, Marcia None
Science Belvin, Tonya
  • Owens family
Science Compare, Joan None
Science Davis, Kim None
Science Neal, Jonathon None
Science Patterson, Sara
  • Proud Mom
Science Tschinkel, Elizabeth None
Science Viands, Carla None
Social Studies Gore, Constance None
Social Studies McCormick, William None
Social Studies Nelson, Heather None
Social Studies Ortner, Lucie
  • VALIC Financial Advisors, Inc.
Social Studies Oughterson, Aubrey None
Social Studies Register, Kristen
  • Jeff and Leslie Dull
Social Studies Romero, Diana
  • Sean and Yvonne Mann
Support Facilitation Defanski, Leona None
Support Facilitation Fey, John None
Support Facilitation Gary, Roxanne None
Support Facilitation Laughner, James None
Support Facilitator Kemler, Ashley None