Clark Advanced Learning Center

Class Teacher Adopters  
Career Coordinator / Internships Bonds, Denisha
  • The Rice Family
  • The Simmons Family
Computer Science Fears, Sean
  • Coleman Family
  • Ecological Associates, inc.
  • Scheiterle family
  • The Golden Family
Debate Hutcheson, Anna
  • The Rice
Digital Media/Art Gribble, Alexandria
  • Coleman Family
  • Greenland Environmental Services, Inc.
Language Arts Hutcheson, Anna
  • Sharon Lepak
Language Arts/Spanish Escandon, Juan
  • Coleman Family
  • The Golden Family
Mathematics Instructor Bicksler, Barry
  • Barry Bicksler
  • Coleman Family
Mathematics Instructor Mercado, Sunshine
  • The Osborn family
School Counselor Jones, Tiffany
  • Celentano Family
  • The Paley Foundation
Science Instructor Bartow, Jennifer
  • The Osborn Family
Social Sciences Instructor Judd, Walter
  • JAG & Associates
  • Robert & Martha Deforest
  • The Morantes Family