Bulletin Board Listings

Our Bulletin Board module is all about connecting our community to classrooms for a variety of non-monetary needs.  The system provides for a direct exchange of offerings and needs to support education in Martin County.  
Businesses can post internship opportunities for students and externship opportunities for teachers.  Businesses can offer subject matter experts as volunteers to speak in classrooms or sit on Career & Technical Education (CTE) advisory boards or offer gently used equipment for classroom use.  Businesses can also peruse the needs posted by teachers to identify how they can help meet a need.
In addition to the above, non-profits are encouraged to post volunteer or scholarship opportunities for students.  Non-profits will also be able to use this system to identify classroom needs to determine how they can help.
Individuals can post non-monetary offerings like gently used children's books or recycled materials for classroom projects.  These postings can be made visible only to teachers and principals without posting to the public.
Teachers can post a variety of non-monetary needs.  The need for a classroom or special event volunteer, material requests (old magazines, gently used children's books, shoe boxes for a class art project, etc.), and subject matter expert involvement for a class project or career day...these are just a few possibilities!
Students are encouraged to use this site as a reference when looking for scholarship, internship, or volunteer opportunities throughout the community.
It's a place where community members can come together and provide each other with opportunities to get involved.  It's a win-win!
If you would like to post an opportunity, please follow these instructions.
Strengthening parent and community involvement and providing a framework to engage individuals, organizations and businesses with our schools will ensure our students and educators have every opportunity for success. The quality of education directly affects our community’s quality of life.
Date Title Organization Type Category Frequency
09/12/2016 Nurture Nature Local Nursery Materials Request from Teacher Needed Materials/Supplies One Time
08/16/2016 ESE Teacher Murray Middle School Materials Request from Teacher Needed Materials/Supplies As Needed
08/11/2016 Baseball card holders Carolyn Jayne at Willoughby Learning Center Materials Request from Teacher Needed Materials/Supplies As Needed
08/10/2016 Tools for Auto Techs MCHS Automotive Technology Program Materials Request from Teacher Needed Materials/Supplies One Time
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