Grant Winner Survey

We hope your grant funding made it possible for your students to participate in an engaging project that would not have otherwise been possible.
Please complete the following online survey to assist us with our required grant reporting.  
This survey is due by June 10, 2017.  
If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at any time.
Please remember to take advantage of our new online modules:  Fund-a-Project and Community Opportunities
Thank you!
Lisa Rhodes

2016-2017 Grant Evaluation Survey

Informational: Because this survey is an online form, it may time out if you start to input data and then leave it open to work on something else. This means, none of your data will be saved prior to submitting the form. You may want to print out the survey, type your answers into a Word document, and cut and paste your answers back into the survey so the form doesn't sit idle and possibly time out on you. Thank you!
If this question is not applicable, please enter N/A in the text box.
Low-Performing Students
STEAM Education
Additional Questions
Please use measurable data.